The Serengeti Park in Tanzania

The Serengeti National Park is located in Tanzania in the Northern section of the country near the Kenyan borders which many wild animals cross during the wildebeest immigration season.

The Germans were the first to implement a detailed research of the ecosystems included in the Serengeti Park and they have discovered that the park contains a huge variety of ecosystems that can be found anywhere else in the whole world. 

The name of the Serengeti Park

The word "Serengeti" is originally derived from the word "siring", which is according to the Masai language means the lands that has no end or limits. This is actually the best description of the Serengeti Park with hundreds of kilometers of natural grass lands.

Many natural phenomenons can only be viewed in the Serengeti natural park. This of course includes the wildebeest's immigration that includes a huge number of Zebras, Gazelles, and a large collection of many other types of animals. A visit to the Serengeti Park is always recommended to any traveler spending his vacation in Tanzania  

The History of the Serengeti Park

The Serengeti Park was very first founded in 1929 when the British forces occupying the area at the time indentified around 2200 square meters to be a natural game reserve.

Afterwards in 1940, the lands of the park were enlarged to contain more lands and it reached around 25 thousand kilometers in 1951. This included the Ngorongoro Conservation Area at the time but in 1959 Ngorongoro became a separate protected area on its own. However, animals were not included in this separation and they can mingle together freely in both parks.

In 1981, the UNESCO has included the area to the world heritage sites list and the Serengeti national park has become one of the most marvelous natural protected areas in the whole world and the home for many various types of animals and birds.

Most tourists and locals assert that Serengeti is the finest national park in Tanzania. Nobody can deny the fact that it is the biggest national park in the country with around 15 thousand square kilometers that reach the Masai Mara Park in Kenya.  Both parks; Masai Mar and Serengeti are usually included in the same tour to Tanzania

A visitor can view scenes of grass and different sorts of trees all over the place making the best avenue to explore the African wild magic.

Serengeti hosts a vast variety of ecosystems with many types of lions, families of elephants run together freely, many giraffes, monkeys, and many other African wildlife animal members. This is why a large numbers of tourists visit the park when they travel to Tanzania

Many visitors from all around the world visit Serengeti during wildebeest migration season to view the biggest group movement of the number of mammals on earth. There are more than one million animals that move to the North and then the South in that period.

Even the sound of the feet of these animals immigrating all together in one period is a magnificent highlight of Serengeti National Park.  Many species of birds and animals participate in this immigration and it is a major section of the ecosystem of the Serengeti Park that has become one of the most favorite touristic attractions in the whole world that is a part of many Tanzania tours nowadays.   

The park becomes a major touristic location during the immigration season and hundreds of travelers explore the African wildlife as part of their packages in Tanzania

There are also many other migrations that reach Serengeti coming from other different national park in Africa like the Masai Mara Park in Kenya.

A large number of national parks in Africa allow their animals a large scope of movements to follow their natural immigration patterns. When any wildlife fan travel to Tanzania, he usually begins his tour by visiting the Serengeti Park.  

Serengeti has a huge variety of ecosystems in different sections of the park. The center of the park has the name Seronera and it is the most popular section. There is also the Grumeti Rive where all the animals cross when its time for their wildebeests immigration and it is located in the Western section of the park.  These two locations are among the most popular destinations in the park which is added to many custom tours to Tanzania.

The guests visiting the Serengeti Park can use the normal Safari cars but they can also have a marvelous tour in a hot air balloon over the park to watch the beauty from high above.  There are hot balloon trips at dawn everyday over the Serengeti Park.    

Serengeti is one of the most popular natural protect parks in Africa hosts the largest herds on earth offering an extraordinary safari experience. Many travelers do not know that there are many affordable tours to Tanzania that include a visit to the park.

The park was actually established to protect the path of the immigration of the animals in the region. Nowadays, the park covers a huge surface area. Most travelers who spend their holidays in Tanzania explore Serengeti as part of their remarkable trips.

The beginning of this season is marked with the mass movement of the wildebeests, gazelles and zebras to look for water and other resources for their natural life. Many other animals and birds follow this same immigration pattern.

 Seronera, the heart of the park

All Safari programs carried out in the Serengeti protected area must include a visit to this section of the park. This is actually where the airport is located and from that point, the guests can go to any other sections of the park

Seronera hosts all sorts of plains with a large number of lands where the guest can view the wildlife even without using any binoculars. This is why Seronera is the most famous section of the park with many group tours to Tanzania visiting this area all year long

This section is also one of the most marvelous locations in the world to view the dawn magnificent scenery.  Since the there are two rivers in this section of the park providing water for many animals who live in the region, it is a marvelous location to view the African wildlife  

The Lake Ndutu

This section, located in the South Eastern part of the Serengeti Park near Ngorongoro, is the best avenue to stay in the months from the end of December till the middle of March.  This is because the wildebeest's immigration starts during this period in this section of the park.

The guest can watch the marvelous animals moving and mingling around all day long from right from their accommodation. There are also some rare types of animals that one can view in this section that you can never find anywhere else in the world.

Western Serengeti Corridor

This Corridor hosts a large number of animals in the month of June. This is why this section of the park is best to be visited in the summer.

This is where many animals turn to the North in search for water and grass to ear in stead of continuing to the Lake Victoria in one of the most astonishing natural phenomenon in Africa.

This section is famous for its various plants with many acacia trees and savannah grass

The area of Lobo

When the animals turn to the North at the Western Serengeti Corridor, they pass by a section called Lobo, a marvelous location to watch wild animals in a traditional atmosphere that has never changed since a very long time

The landscape in this area is wonderful and the plants keep changing again and again.

Since this section is rather higher than the rest of the park, it offers marvelous views of the whole area of the Serengeti Park. This is why the Lobo area has become quite popular relaxing avenue in the past few years.