FAQ Egypt Tours

Why the sightseeing is not included with your Egypt trips?
While most travelers to Egypt want to see the Pyramids and the Egyptian Museum, however Egypt has too much to offer from the sightseeing prospective. So instead of forcing on our client certain tours as included within the price you paying. We find it much more useful for the passenger to decide which site to pay for and which site to skip.
What about Nile Cruise? Why would I take a cruise that does not include the sightseeing?
Good question. And the answer is consisting of 2 parts. First the Nile Cruise is getting many reservation from second time traveler to Egypt whom already saw all the entire cruise sightseeing during their first visit, so for their second trip, they just want to enjoy the sun and the scenery on the side of the river.
Second, with today's market independent traveler are now much more than before, and those wants to experience the sites on their own or with local guide they can get with the entrance fees at the site. Right Travel does not recommend the use of local guide except in Abu SImbel, we highly advise our clients to purchase the optional sightseeing tours from Right Travel. So we can make sure to provide you with one of our well experience guides.
Why the Domestic air not included? Even though your trip include Nile Cruise which mean I have to fly to Luxor or Aswan from Cairo to board my Cruise!!
That is one more way for us to save money for our client, by one of the following way. First the only carrier that operates domestic flights within Egypt is Egypt Air. And they are not giving the tour company any special rate anymore, so to avoid adding any mark up on our client, you can simply go to www.egyptair.com and add your flight from Cairo CAI – Aswan ASW - Luxor LXR – Abu Simbel ABS or any other city within Egypt.
Also if you purchase your international flights on Egypt air, you can add the domestic segment to your international ticket and that will grant you a lower rate for the domestic flight.
Why all your tours in Egypt are Private tours or small group tours?
The difference between the cost of operating by private minivan for 2 passengers and operating by bus for 30-40 passengers is less than $100 per person, depends on the length of the tour and the included sightseeing. And keep in mind our policy of not including any tours within our program trip cost, for those two reasons, it is in the best interest of our passengers to provide them with private or small group tours.
Why the optional tours rate cost more or less than other tour companies or websites?
There are several factors are involved in pricing the tours:
1) The year model of the car and its conditions.
2) The quality of the guide which reflects his capability of speaking the Language and his customer service skills
3) The quality of the local office that dispatch all services on timely manners.
The above are some of the factors that control the rate of each services provided by different providers. As an American based Tour operator that 99% of our clients are from USA, Canada and South America, Right Travel fully understand the needs, the quality and most important the expectation of the American Traveler; when it comes to personal services. For that we believe our prices either for the main tour packages or the optional sightseeing is based on making sure our clients are getting the best for their money.
For any other questions related to packing, visa or medical requirement, please view our Egypt Travel Tips page.