Client Reviews Thailand

18 Day Classic Thailand with Laos & Angkor Wat

We all had a very good time and enjoyed our tour. Our tour manager “Uza”, full name (Uzanim Karnkanok) was extremely likeable and very competent. She deserves a commendation by the tour company and I will let them know.

Everything went very smoothly and we saw a great deal. There is one recommendation I would like you to know for the future regarding baggage. On our tour every flight was very carefully monitored pertaining to baggage weight. Checked baggage at 44 lbs and carry-on at 15lbs (7kg). My one carry-on bag was regulation size for the US but a problem for smaller plane flights between Thailand & Laos and again from Laos to Cambodia. In the US, whenever a small plane is used, my regulation carry-on can be brought to the gangway and ticketed to be picked up on the gangway upon exiting the plane at no extra fee. I made sure that my carry-on (22 in.) was well below 7kg. It did not matter. The bag was within weight limit but the size required being checked in. “UZA’ made sure there was no additional charge when the carry-on had to be checked regardless of its weight.

I suggest that you tell your future travelers that it is better to use a different form of soft carry-on such as a duffle bag or a backpack. I observed many backpacks gaining unrestricted entrance without even being weighed. Some of those I observed were almost as large and heavy as my checked luggage. I will continue to learn as I travel to different world places. My 22 inch regulation carry-on will never see its use again outside the USA.    

We thank you for your expert assistance and will start looking now for our next trip.

Best regards,
Adele & Jerry
Carol & Bob


9 Day Central Thailand with River Kwai

Hello Right Travel!

Kashif and I had a wonderful time in Thailand.  Nu, our Tour guide was very nice and fun to be around.  He helped to show us all that Thailand had to offer and we will have memories for a lifetime.  What a majestic and spiritual culture. The wildlife was also spectacular!!  We shall be planning our next trip soon! Right Travel is the best!!!!


Group Tour to Thailand

Upon arrival in Bangkok it was comforting to be met by both our tour manager and tour guide, Tum or Chubby (who is not chubby and therefore doesn’t mind being addressed as such) and Pia, who is young, energetic and a little too wide awake at 1:00 in the morning. The Century Park Hotel is seemingly awaiting our arrival. The porters appear from nowhere for our bags, a cart of fruit juice is suddenly positioned in the lobby and within 15 minutes all room assignments and key distributions are a thing of the past. First impressions are favorable; the lobby is clean, spacious with modern furnishings and comfortable seating areas.

In no particular order, these are the events, places and experiences I will remember about Thailand. The traffic made a huge impression. But even more than the traffic was the impression made by the way it was handled by the drivers who displayed skill, patience and extraordinary civility. I never heard a horn blow, never saw any evidence of road rage and watched merges occur with no need for sharp braking or frantic speed-ups. All of this in over ninety degree heat and in a city with 90 second red lights!! Most impressive!!
The local market spread out along an operational railroad track has a sight never to be forgotten! Vendors of all sorts and varieties of produce and meats, both cooked and raw lined each side of the tracks while shoppers walked single file between the two rails looking for the day’s best bargains. We were not fortunate enough to see what happens when the train comes by. My brief glimpse of the calm, serenity of the Thai people leads me to believe that there is an orderly repositioning of food and people a few feet back from the tracks and then an equally orderly resumption of buying and selling.
The floating market was stimulating to sight, sound, smell and taste! Following a mildly thrilling ride on a long tail motor boat we find ourselves in the midst of other long tail and not-so-long tail boats some carrying produce for sale and some carrying customers looking to purchase. It is a busy market scene taking place in the canal waters! The produce is both familiar and unfamiliar and fills the air with a sweet aroma. Even the familiar mango has a sweeter and slightly different taste than any eaten before. And a coconut opened on the spot provides relief from the thirst generated by the heat and humidity.
The reclining Buddha is an impressive sight. I don’t remember the dimensions but I remember thinking, “He’s longer than the length of my co-op apartment!” Just chillin’, relaxed, in sparkling gold and looking smug and satisfied! So big and bad they had to build the building around the statue!! Of all the Buddha’s this is the one to be remembered.
The visit to the Bridge over the River Kwai and the Death Railway train ride were enhanced by the historical backdrop gained at the JEATH museum.
Lastly, the dinner cruise along the river was a wonderful opportunity to see some of the temples lit up against the darkened sky, to relax, watch a full moon and enjoy the cool breeze after a satisfying buffet dinner.



Custom Private Tour Thailand

Hi Medhat,

We had a great trip. All connections and guides worked out well. I would highly recommend adding the “ floating market” to the tour as it is quite an attraction. While it is designed for the tourists, it is interesting none the less. I would consider eliminating the tiger experience as I do not feel many tourists, especially Americans would be interested in it. I also feel that 2 days are enough in Chiang Mai, as there was not really that much to see. The tribal villages were just o.k. I hope this is helpful.