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Oct 20-29, 2021 Custom Tour Morocco
Thank you for the follow up email. My clients had an amazing time! They have raved about the hospitality. They stated that their driver was the best they have ever had. He made sure that they felt safe and very knowledgeable about the area. The food and hotels were great. They recommend using your services again to Morocco to others. They enjoyed dining at the local farm. Again, they completely raved about their experience.

Just a little note to show you our appreciation for the great vacation trip to Morocco.  We had an spectacular time!!

The 3 hotels chosen by your company were all beautiful and great customer service.

We will recommend your travel agency to our friends and family. 

We had a wonderful vacation. Our driver Aziz was great and we highly recommend him to another group. He was very professional and welcoming and was also a great tourguide during our rides to each city. Also, Imane the representative we met in Marrakech was friendly in person.  

Thanks again. All the accommodations were fantastic!

Roshni and Corey
Hi, Medhat, taking a few minutes to update you on the trip to Morocco.

Re hotels:  My favorite was the Sofitel in Rabat - beautiful hotel, wonderful room, great shower in bathroom - all very, very modern - great food (unfortunately just one dinner the first night) and the buffet breakast was tremendous.  Staff were terrific - all in all - perfect

I thought my favorite would be the Mamounia - but not.  It is stuffy, dark, and pompous.  Although, truly, staff were wonderful.  Very helpful and kind.  The worst hotel (I know, I chose it!) was the Le Merinides in Fes.  Absolutely only a 3 star - drab, old, old furniture -- old looking lobby - and the food was terrible.  The bathtub was old and the sides so high, I thought I would break a leg trying to get out of it after a shower!  I certainly hope all of the hotels in Iran aren't this bad.

Driver/Guide:  Mohammed was a nice young man.  I sometimes had trouble understanding what he was saying.  He was kind, helpful, courteous.  The medina guides in Fes and Marrakech were very good and very helpful.  I spent too much money on gifts and treasures for me!  Bought a Taureg carpet (small one) made by a women's cooperative in Fes.

I would say my very favorite sight visited for the entire week would be the Marjorelle Gardens in Marrakech.  I have never seen, anywhere, the varied plants (even a small bamboo forest) and flowers.  And - I'm not a garden person - but this garden was absolutely outstanding and gorgeous.   

Good trip - enjoyed the week very much.
13 Day Kaleidoscope of Morocco
We had an absolutely wonderful time, and the tour arrangements were spectacular. I'll be happy to post a review in a few days, I'm still trying to catch up with myself after returning.
The trip was fabulous, and exceeded our expectations.  Our "concierge" guide, who was with us the whole time, outdid herself in being supportive.She negotiated a very favorable price for a piece of jewelry I bought, was unceasingly aware of people's issues of comfort and even illness, and obviously was very proud of her coujntry.
And the guides we had for specific sites were extremely  knowledgeable and professional.
I was very impressed with this extremely progressive country, and delighted to find all the contrasts of which I had never dreamed.  We saw them all: desert, mountains, seaside, glitzy cities, and wonderfully preserved old towns.
By the way, Medhat, I must say I was impressed with the extremely thorough support you and Right Travel gave us during this entire process.  I have never felt so supported.  You may quote me on this.
13 Day Kaleidoscope of Morocco
Thank you so much for all your assistance with everything. I am definitely recommending you to everyone!
Now that I've acclimated let me say that our tour of Morocco Imperial Cities was another home run! From start to finish here was a climate of efficiency, cooperation and professional fellowship that enhanced all of the included itinerary activities.  Our tour guide, Reduone, was a perfect fit for our group.  He was professionally appropriate with Starr and I in regards to planning, rooming issues, etc but yet was relaxed and interactive with all of our guests.  He was willing to be flexible and include activities such as camel-riding and also a visit to Rick's cafe in Casablanca. 
We also had the opportunity to meet Mourad Chaouki who took the time to come to the hotel in Marakech just to say hello. So in terms of personnel Reduone as well as all those we encountered including our driver, Omar, and his assistant Mohammed are easily right at the top of the list for ability, helpfulness and demeanor.  I have found that the skills, personality and attitude of the tour guide largely determines how well our groups experience the vacation. 
We had a great time in Morocco!!  We got excellent historical information, intelligent discussion of current political, social and economic developments.  It was a perfect mix of history and current events. Thank you so much for adding the lunches at local restaurants. They tended to be tastier and more traditional than what the hotels offered.  We enjoyed the Fantasia show but the rain and damp weather were distractions.  Of course the group did more than it's share of shopping.  The leather factory was a huge hit with about 10 people either buying off the rack or getting custom fittings. And I think everybody purchased at least 1 item from the Argan Oil herbal place.  I could probably go on but you get the idea...a job well done, a tour well enjoyed, an experience to be remembered! Thank you!
Patricia Fulton
This Morocco trip was our 4th trip with Right Travel and a second private tour with them. That fact alone gives you an idea of how we feel about Right Travel as a tour operator and Medhat in particular.
So obviously our expectations were high. I am please to report that we were pleasantly surprised by the thoughtfulness demonstrated in planning our 10 day Majestic Morocco itinerary. But more than anything else we were surprised by what we found out about Morocco.
I am not going to go into describing the itinerary as it can be found elsewhere on the website. I’ll point out that six out of the eight nights in Morocco we spent in what’s known as a Riad (guest house). Those are old houses inside the gated cities (know as Medinas), with a limited amount of guest rooms, where you are treated as a guest rather than as a customer. The breakfasts are cooked fresh and the service is very personal. The best dinner we had in that country was in one of those Riads.
One night we spent in the Sahara desert in a modern tent, after about one hour camel ride to get there. That was one of the highlights of the trip. The last night was in a nice hotel in Casablanca.
While we imagined Morocco to be a desert country, it turned out that the northern part is very green and beautiful. So are the Atlas mountains and even the desert in the south has it’s charm. The people were very pleasant and friendly and we felt very welcome.
The surprising part was that while it’s a Muslim country, the classic Arabic is actually not the language that most people speak -  It’s the official government and prayer language. The spoken language that everyone understands and uses is know as Darija - a mix of Arabic, Berber and a little of French. In the south Berber is very popular and the Berber heritage is very prominent.
Morocco is a gem in North Africa. One of our best travels so far. Highly recommended.
Amparo and Reuven


Thank you for a welcome home e mail; I just came home late last night. i was going to write you myself to give you my impression. IT WAS SIMPLY WONDERFUL.
First of all the country is beautiful, worth seeing. I think everybody and especially all Muslims must visit it. Lush green pretty valleys with snow covered mountains and clean and fairly modern cities.
The expressways are comparable to Europe and electric trains are almost same as France. The Andalusia architecture of Moorish Spain is better maintained or preserved than Spain or any other Muslim country.
And, what you are interested to hear is that, the arrangements made were superb. We were really treated and catered like VIPs. All the hotels were very good; the transfers were great and the guide Mr. Hamdane Abdul Haque was very good, knowledgeable and extremely friendly.
The tour was bit intense and bit tiring but to see four cities and see everything that was worth in six days had to be done this way.
I am really happy that I got connected with you.
Dr. Feroz Alam


Custom Tour Morocco

Hi Medhat:
Thanks for putting together a wonderful vacation package. Everything went very smooth and problem-free. We were picked up by the car provided and dropped back at the airport just as planned by you.
The accommodation package between Hotels and Rihads was very well balanced. Hotels were of very good quality with excellent locations and Kenzi Tower in Casablanca upgraded us to a suite on return stay as we stayed with them two times – a nice gesture. Staying in Riads was a wonderful experience and getting a glimpse of Morocco lifestyle of the past. Hotel Dar Chama was excellent and relatively very new. The resort at Merzouga was very good and adjacent to our early morning camel ride – a wonderful experience.
The tour guides when available were all very good. Visited many Medinas, Kasbahs and Forts and the drive through the Atlas Mountains was fascinating. I could go on and on.
Let me end by saying that the private car provided (Mercedes SUV) along with the wonderful driver / guide Mustapha made all the difference – he filled in the language voids where required. Very quickly after picking us up he made us at ease. He was a wonderful company, always – I mean always punctual, extremely safe and cautious driver and guide. All the places he recommended for lunch on various days were excellent. Took us literally wherever and whenever we wanted and guided us through areas we should not be venturing through. We had a lot of laughs together and the trip with Mustapha made it complete. Please convey our thanks to him.
Simrata and I look forward to you helping us with our future trips.
Thanks one more time

G Singh


Custom Tour Morocco

I wish to thank you once again for all that you did to help make our Morocco trip a wonderful experience.  Your availability on a nearly 24/7 basis was impressive and bailed us out of unexpected snags.  Mr. Mourad Chaouki also was outstanding in his response and effectiveness while we were in Morocco.  In fact, he came by to say hello on our last night in Marrakech so we had a chance to thank him in person.

I definitely will be in touch with you for our future travels and recommend Right Travel to anyone who wishes to do any type of travel to anywhere at any time.

Thanks again,

Jane Mak