Client Reviews Egypt 2012


Egypt: the beginning of your own fairytale


Nov 24-27 (Egypt Short Break Tour):

I joined  4day private tour in Cairo from 24-27 Nov 12. My trip includes Day 1 - Giza pyramids, Sphinx, Memphis & Sakkara, Day 2 – Egyptian Museum, Citadel of Mohamed Ali, Old Cairo & Khan El Khalili Bazaar
The whole tour team was amazing. The tour guide has over 20 years of experience and speaks English very well. He explained everything in such an interesting way,  u will feel guilty if u didn’t pay attention to what he said. The driver was always very punctual, friendly, always smiling. And the tour manager is extremely nice
I was so lucky to have the tour guide and the private van all to myself. Right Travel has the policy of not cancelling any tour even though there is only 1 participant. For me, that is a great relief for those who travelled all the way from other country. It is completely safe. It is safe to be a single female traveler and it is safe to travel to Cairo. My tour guide was always beside me making sure I’m comfortable n safe. The trip was well planned. We always arrived early a to avoid traffic jam and crowd.
The pyramid was extraordinary, the camel ride was fun, but please don’t leave Egypt without visiting the mummies room. That was my favorite part. Too bad camera is not allowed inside the museum and inside the pyramid. Well, that's what we need to respect in order to preserve history.
I really appreciate the extra effort by the tour guide & driver. When I told them I wasn’t feeling well, we drove in the middle of traffic jam to find a pharmacy for so I could get better and enjoy my tour (trust me, this is not part of the itinerary). And he did not stop there. He constantly check whether I felt better. That’s what made this tour so special from any other tour, because the whole time, I felt like I was travelling with my own family.
Well done Right Travel for making it a wonderful, memorable and safe journey for me. For single female traveler out there, this is the right one for u!


Nov 19 - Dec 01, 2012 (12 Day Egypt & Jordan Panorama Tour)

M/M West


Nov 01-18, 2012 (15 Day Egypt Grand Circle Tour):

M/M Sheffield


Oct 31-Nov 08, 2012 (Custom Tour Egypt)

M/M Riter & M/M Burnett


Oct 29 - Nov 17, 2012 (15 Day Egypt Jordan Jerusalem Panorama + Paris & London)

G Weaver


Oct 06-16, 2012 (11 Day Egypt Pharaonic Tour

M/M Kreuzer


Oct 05-14, 2012 (Custom Inspection trip to Egypt)


Oct 06-15, 2012 (11 Day Egypt Pharaonic Tour):

I just wanted to send you a quick note about our trip. We are back in the US and I wanted to let you know that It was amazing and a great experience. Your team in Egypt was fantastic, Yasser took great care of things and our guides and drivers were excellent. We did two video testimonials in Awswan while on the Fellucca. For positive feedback on our experience.

Norbert K


Aug 26 - Sep 05, 2012 (Custom Tour Egypt)


Aug 12, 2012 (Full Day Pyramids Tour)

This was a quick trip to Cairo in our way to Kenya Tour,

Lemington Group


July 27 - Aug 04, 2012 (Custom Tour Egypt)

Check our youtube review for your great services at

Thank you so much.

M/M Gaviria


July 14-22, 2012 (10 Day Egypt Luxury Tour)

Michelsen Family


May 31 - Jun 05, 2012 (6 Day Egypt Quick Trip):

I loved my trip to Egypt.  After returning home, I was approached by newspaper reporters and other reporters to speak about my experience.  I will be interviewed next week and I will be sharing with the public what my trip was like over in Egypt and how Right Travel did a great job with puting my tour together.

I LOVED the pyramids.  I was sad to leave Cairo to fly on to Aswan.  A very nice Egyptian man on the plan saw I was sad and began talking to me to make me feel better.  He then began teaching me new Arabic words---some I had not learned yet. 
My hotel in Cairo was---PERFECT!!!  I loved the view of the pyramids and the garden.  The hotel was secure, the staff were friendly, and the rooms were clean and comfortable.  The driver was knowledgeable of the streets and of how the people drove in Cairo.  The guide was good at explaining things.
In Aswan and Luxor---the drivers were very good at their jobs.   I LOVED my tour guide in Aswan and Luxor---I can't say enough great things about him!!!  He was so full of knowledge.  (I will never forget his nickname--Monkey).  He taught me so much--even how to read hieroglyphics.  He told me what I was going to see before I went into the tombs and temples--and used post card pictures when he could.  He pointed out things in the temples and then quizzed me on what I had learned thus far---I loved that!!  He spoke English quite well and was willing to answer all my questions.  He offered me time to look about at the sites while he patiently stood by in case I needed him.  He was a great help at getting me through the throng of Egyptians who were selling things.  Every tour guide should be like Monkey.  When I return to Egypt one day, I would definitely want him to be my tour guide again.  I don't think the company could get any better guide than the one I had in Aswan and Luxor.
The hotel in Luxor was great---I loved the free Internet service in the Lobby---to me this is a big plus for service because I work when I travel abroad.  The hotel was clean and safe.  I loved watching the people come and go in the lobby.  I loved the gift shop---the shop attendants were not pushy and did not try to railroad me into buying things.
Much of what I learned in Egypt will now find its way into the latest book (novel) am I writing.  In this way, my trip will always be out there for others to read about.

Also, I wanted to say that the Right Travek representative in Egypt--Yasir--checked on me every day.  He even met me at the airport a couple of times.  He spoke to the guide and then he spoke to me to see that I was happy with my trip and the service.  That was very nice of him
I would most definitely recommend RIGHT TRAVEL when planning a vacation. 
Ruby Houldson 


May 22-Jun 04, 2012 (15 Day Egypt Jordan Jerusalem Panorama):

Here is my review of the services provided by Right Travel:
EGYPT: Our Egyptian guides, Tamer in Cairo, and Mohamed on the Cruise, were absolutely outstanding.  They truly knew their material, answered many questions and were always available. The political turmoil was very low key during our visit and a sense of safety was present. 
Cairo: Very interesting, especially about the Coptic Church and Synagogue.  Mohamed Ali Mosque:  Beautiful architecture and artwork.
Pyramids: Good visit and impressive light show.
Aswan: Magnificent show of what is needed to tame a river that is the life blood of a nation.
Nile Cruise: Wonderful, no hassle on ship and service was good. 
Temples and Tombs between Aswan and Luxor: Breathtaking. Some of the most impressive places I have ever been. Humbling to visit. Trying to grasp the sheer magnitude of effort to build these masterpieces is impossible for anyone.
Amman: Jorash is impressive to visit. To walk on roadways that show wagon tracks, sewer system from the Roman era, market places and columns that have stood the test of time, breathtaking.
Petra: Absolutely magnificent. Another humbling site.
Crossing over from Jordan to Israel was, to say the least, very stressful. Got there ahead of our required time and did not get through the crossing for over two hours. Nearly missed our connection at this point. 
ISRAEL: Everyone should go. Visiting the Church of the Holy Sepulcher was  probably the most eye opening part of our visit to Israel. This site was more impressive than the Vatican. I can only say that visiting this site in my heart was similar to a pilgrimage to Mecca by Muslims, the Vatican by Catholics, etc.  Massada was mind-boggling in that this site was built as a getaway for Herod who never went there. The site was impressive and the story told of the siege and how the Romans got to the top was interesting. It was also hot but tolerable. The Dead Sea is another experience one should try.  Once in a lifetime visit. Try not to visit Israel over a Shabot or the Holy day for the Jews. If you do visit over Shabot, learn about the customs for this day. 
In summary, our 14 day excursion put together by Right Travel was Excellent.  I would book with Right Travel again.

Fred Ayers


April 20-29, 2012 (10 Day Egypt in Depth Tour)

My dinner with Yasser and his family is something I will remember for a long time. I felt like a welcome guest and was honored that I was able to share a meal with him. The van driver deserves a medal for how he got me around Cairo traffic. I did not realize what an important accessory a loud horn and high beams were. The restaurants that I was taken to for lunch was simple, with wonderful food. I would recommend taking clients there again.

Alla was a wonderful guide who what attentive and very knowledgeable. He had genuine pride in his craft and he was very easy to understand. He was easily, the best guide of the three that I worked with. The boat, The Nile Dolphin was an excellent choice. The cabin was neat, bathrooms ample size and the crew was very attentive.

My experience with Right Travel and Egypt was positive and I would book again. At all times during the trip, I felt safe and never had any negative experiences. It is regrettable that so many Americans are fearful of Egyptian travel.



March 14-28, 2012 (15 Day Egypt Grand Circle Tour)

I have just come back from a wonderful 2 week vacation in Egypt. I booked with the Right Travel Co. which is based in New Jersey and I would recommend them highly for any of your travel needs. The trip was well organized, the service was personal and of the highest quality.  Right Travel even arranged my flights overseas and within Egypt at the lowest possible prices.


I took the 15 day Egypt Grand Circle tour which included a nine day cruise on the Nile. When I arrived at the Cairo airport I was greeted by Yasser Salah who is the organizer or tour manager for Right Travel Egyptian tours. I was taken to the Oasis hotel and Yasser made sure my accommodations were taken care of. He even got me a deal on the meals that I was going to eat at the hotel. One of the nights he took me to his home to have a real Egyptian dinner with his wife and twins.


My first 3 days I was in Cairo. I was driven around by a wonderful driver named Mohamed Essawi. Driving is quite a feat there and I was glad to have someone who was so competent behind the wheel. I visited, the Great Pyramids, Sakkara, Memphis, several Mosques and Coptic churches, carpet makers and I even took a complementary camel ride which was great fun. My guide was Alia Tohamy, an Egyptologist who was very personable as well as knowledgeable. One of the days we drove to Alexandria where I visited the Roman amphitheater, the National Museum and the Alexandria library. We had a fresh fish lunch overlooking the beautiful turquoise bay.


My trip to the Egyptian Museum was one of the highlights of the trip and a must if you are going to visit Egypt. Ever thought it cost extra money I would recommend going to the mummy rooms. It is quite an experience to actually see the great pharaohs. It should be mentioned here that I felt completely safe the whole time I was in Egypt. I never saw a single disruption or demonstration. My trip organizer made sure that the trip was safe. The Egyptian people were very friendly and in general very modest and quiet. This is a very good time to visit Egypt. There are not as many tourists there due to sensationalism in the US media. You can see all the monuments and visit the museums and not be overwhelmed by thousands of other people. I am so happy I chose to go to Egypt at this time and I would tell Americans that if you are planning to go there, do it now. Most of the tourist I met there were from Europe.  They are taking advantage of a good thing.


The next part of my tour was a cruise on the Nile. After I flew from Cairo to Luxor, I was again greeted personally by my next tour guide, Alaa Rashwan. He took me to the cruise ship the M/S Stephanie. He stayed on the cruise ship and accompanied me to all the temples and monuments. Alaa was a wonderful guide. He was working on his PhD in Egyptology and was extremely knowledgeable. He showed me what many of the different inscriptions were, he could read the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. What I enjoyed the most was his way of explaining what each pharaoh's messages to the people were. He told me all about the different sacred places and the offerings and the different ancient gods. I learned so much from him and I even had a chance to meet his lovely wife at Dendara temple who is also an Egyptologist and was guiding a Spanish speaking tour.


I visited Karnak temple, Luxor temple, Valley of the Kings, Valley of the Queens, Valley of the artisians, Edfu temple, Kom- Ombo temple, Philae temple, the Aswan High Dam and Dendara temple.  I also took a balloon ride at sunrise in Luxor and saw the Ramesseum temple and the Valley of the Queens from the air. It was a wonderful experience. Another highlight of the trip was Abu Simbel. It is a must for any one visiting Egypt. It is a 4 hour drive south from Aswan and worth every minute. When I first sew the 60 ft high statues of Ramses II and Nefertari's temple I was stopped in my tracks. It's an amazing sight to behold. I would also recommend the Sound and Light shows that are offered at the different temples and the pyramids. They are very informative and it's beautiful to see these places lit up at night. 


Again I would like to say if you've ever wanted to see the wonders of ancient Egypt this is the time to go. You won't have to deal with hordes of tourist. It's very safe to tour there despite the negative sensationalism in the news media. The few other Americans that I ran into while I was there were having a wonderful time and they felt very safe also. I would recommend using Right Travel as they specialize in Egyptian travel and there tour prices are excellent. There organizers, guides and drivers and very professional.    


Katherine Brown


Jan 27 - Feb 05, 2012 (10 Day Egypt in Depth Tour)

I stayed in Egypt for a 10-day in depth land tour. I LOVED every single minute of it, the beauty I embarked on was indescriable. I would recommend this magical journey to anyone from any part of the world. The very moment I stepped off the plane, in route to locate my bags I was greeted by bright and loving faces. Yasser who was my transportation guide, greeted me immediatey after I located my luggage. I felt so relieved that all of my baggage arrived in one piece and that Yasser was there to help navigate the scenes of Cairo. I shared many laughs with Yasser about the city and the traffic. I enjoyed listening to Yasser's collection of arabic music, which helped set the tone for my first day in Egypt. Yasser was very helpful, and knowledgable about the history Cairo holds. I enjoyed the ride in his Mercedes because it gave me the opition to enjoy the seat warmers before arriving to my hotel.

The Mena House Oberoi is a must for Americans like myself although, this is my first vacation out of country, I have stayed in wonderful hotel's throughout Los Angeles, and New York city. The legendary service the Mena house offers its guest leaves a feeling you will never forget. I enjoyed the private tour of the hotel as well as the palace, the history and the attention to detail is impeccable!

Amed "Mohammed" was my official tour guide throughout my entire journey through Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan and I must say he is an intelligent young man. My vacation exceeded my expectation because, I learned so much about Egypt from Amed. He was very helpful, and mapped out my itenarary to be the best experience ever!!!

Coming from Los Angeles, I have seen my share of violence and chaos but, at no time did I feel uneasy during my 10-day stay in Egypt. Right-travel is the best travel agency because they provided world class service, and made sure my vacation was magical. This summer I'm booking a trip to the south of France, and I wouldn't think about booking it with any other agency/program. Right Travel has ganed my trust and love for travel.

Excellence is a rare thing. Support Egypt!!

Travis & Kashif