Client Reviews Egypt 2011

Dec 29, 2011 - Jan 07, 2012 (10 Day Egypt in Depth Tour)




Dec 27 - Jan 04, 2012 (8 Day Egypt Classical Tour)

I chose to go to Egypt  with Right Travel and every bit of the trip was outstanding. I was picked up and taken through each leg of the journey with not just professionalism but an enthusiasm that was infectious. I want to go back!

The price was right as was the drivers, Egyptologists, and the cruise on the Nile Staff were amazing!

Everything went so well I cannot think of anything I could suggest to improve the service.

Thank you Right Travel for an amazing experience!

Michael S.


Dec 20-27, 2011 (Custom Tour Egypt)

We just came back from a 6-day, 7-night stay in Egypt. We were limited in our travel dates and Right Travel was able to customize our trip so that we could see a maximum of sites during our short stay. In the planning phase, Medhat was very helpful in making changes to accommodate my requests. On our arrival in Egypt and throughout our stay, Yasser made sure everything ran smoothly. He even loaned us a cell phone to make sure we could reach him if needed! All of our drivers were always on time to pick us up, and did a wonderful job driving us around: even with the different driving style – to say the least – we never felt unsafe!  Our guides Emad (in Cairo) and Alaa (in Louxor, Edfu and Kom Ombo) were very knowledgeable and we enjoyed spending several days with them. We were able to learn not only about ancient Egypt with them, but also about modern Egypt, which we really enjoyed. Our stay in Aswan and our trip to Abu Simbel were not to be missed.

Finally, we enjoyed all our sightseeing with very few other tourists around: we were practically alone in the Valley of Kings, Edfu, Kom Ombo and Abu Simbel. When we visited the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, again we really appreciated the lack of crowds. Now is a great time to visit Egypt!

Daniele & Ken


Nov 02-12, 11 (11 Day Egypt Custom Tour)

I want to thank you and right travel for the wonderful trip to Egypt. All guides, Yasser, Ashraf, Muhammad and everyone else were knowledgeable, courteous and kind. Everything was on schedule, accomodations comfortable and at no time did I feel unsafe. Those who cancelled missed the trip of a lifetime. This was a dream come true for me. I would recommend you to any one.


Terrell Gaines


Nov 02-12, 11 (11 Day Egypt Custom Tour)

I Would like to commend you and Right Travel on another great trip to Egypt. This was my third trip and my second organized by Right Travel. Our handler, Yasser and our Guides Ashraf and Mohamed, just to name a few, were extremely knowledeable and suprioer in their professionalism. Unlike what the news media here in the United States portrays, The publih safetry situation in Cairo was one of calm. At no time did I feel threatend and I would encourage travellers not to hesitate making a trip to historic Egypt due to publich saftey fears.



Oct 22-Nov 02, 2011 (Custom Tour Egypt)

We have returned home after our Egypt holiday and want you to know that it was a wonderful experience! We were met at the airport by Yasser from your Cairo office who then treated us to a casual Egyptian breakfast and negotiated an early check in for us at the Mena House. His efforts were very much appreciated on that first day and for the rest of our time in Egypt. He was also the person who took us to/from the airport when we visited Luxor and dropped us at the conclusion of our holiday.

Our first day in Cairo was just to recover from jet lag and the Mena House provided a perfect spot. Accommodations, service and food were all excellent. The next day, we were picked up by our guide, Emad and driver,Sherif. This day was devoted to the great Pyramids, Memphis & Sakkara and we had an excellent day. Emad is an extremely knowledgeable guide and Sherif is an excellent driver.  Both individuals were essential - Emad to understand the sites and Sherif to negotiate the awful traffic!  Both did an outstanding job.

We then flew to Luxor to begin our 7 night cruise on the Movenpick Royal Lily. We were met at the airport by your representative, Mohammad and driven to the riverboat. This was an excellent ship and we really enjoyed our cruise. Amru was our guide on the riverboat and also did a great job of explaining the many sites. From Aswan, we flew to Abu Simbel - this was a very busy airport and site but the temples are not to be missed.

Upon returning to Cairo we were again met by Yasser who had arranged for Emad and Sherif to  look after us again - this was great! We visited the many sites in downtown Cairo and the next day visited Alexandria (again staying at the Mena House).

At all times during our stay in Egypt, we felt very safe and well cared for by very competent people (we always knew that Yasser knew where we were and what was happening!!). Many thanks for all your arangements and for answering our questions in the months before our holiday!!

Dave & Jan Harris,
Toronto, Canada


October 18- 28, 2011 (Custom Tour to Egypt & Jerusalem)

It was my dream vacation and I wanted to share with my mother. 

It was like traveling to another world, not only because the distance but also because of the totally different costumes, so I was not sure what to expect. Observing at the way the locals dress, learning their language and religion was an important part of the entire trip.  The places we visited (The Giza Plateau, Sphinx, the pyramids; the temples –Karnak, Luxor, Kom Ombo, Philae, the Nile River and then Jerusalem, etc. The whole sensation was so exciting, being in an open museum where you can touch, smell and feel history.

  • All the hotels were we stayed had good size rooms, comfortable beds. They were kept neat and clean each day. 
  • The gardeners, housekeeping, waiters, all of them probably took a seminar in “customer service”. They were outstanding. 
  • All transfers to tours, to hotels and to all the airports (internally and internationally) was exceptional and always on time.  The punctually of the drivers was incredibly although there were heavy/crazy traffic all the time. Special thanks to Omar Sharif (driver), who always greeted us and taught us new words. 
  • The food was always well prepared, fresh and delicious. 
  • The tours were very well organized. The timing was great and the people friendly and helpful, especially those adorable kids that for a few coins they would help you to take pictures. They greeted us in Spanish, French, Italian, etc. there were just plain cute.

Our tourist guides were awesome. They showed professionalism and punctuality at all times. They are both knowledgeable in every aspect of ancient history.  Also they were patient in answering our questions.  They were always by our side or very close, given us a sense of security. Thank you Sherif Hendy and Alaa Rashwan for making this trip unforgettable.  

My advice to anyone is to save money to buy oils, they are exquisite.

Your country is incredible and vibrant, with plenty of history to learn and a lot more places to be discover. 

Thank you to all of those that helped us during this adventure.  



Oct 16-Nov 05, 2011 (15 Day Grand Circle Tour)

We are happy to report that we had a fabulous trip to Egypt and Jordan arranged by your company, Right Travel. We were not only safe during the entire trip, but we also felt safe, thanks to our excellent guides and the great care they took of us. After 24 hours of traveling, we were met at the airport by Mr. Yasser who drove us to the Oasis Hotel, near the Pyramids and later invited us to a dinner with his family.  The hotel was excellent, including service and food, even though we had to travel 1-2 hours each way to Cairo, depending on traffic, to see the sights. We hope that when the new museum is built closer to the pyramids, we might be able to return and stay at the same hotel which will then be closer to the museum. 

We have nothing but praise for the program and our guides. In Cairo, we enjoyed the information provided by our guides, Sherif and Hannan. We spent most of our time with Hannan, visiting the Cairo museum twice, the Khan Khalili, mosques, Coptic churches and roman ruins, as well as Alexandria and the pyramids in Memphis and Sakkara, We particularly were impressed by the Imhotep Museum. It was excellent to have both a female and male perspective on what we were seeing, as well as on the culture of the Muslim people. We recommend both of them very highly.

We were fortunate enough to get Allaa as our guide once we flew to Luxor and our cruise. The ship was well-equipped and we looked forward to the food, the friendly wait staff, and evening activities. Allaa is very knowledgeable and experienced, not to mention flexible as our program was rearranged from time to time due to the needs of the ship. Karnak and Luxor were magnificent. We met another American couple at the ship who joined us on almost all of our tours, which made it very pleasant for us. Among our favorite places were the temples at Karnak and Luxor, Hatshepsut’s funerary temple, and or course, Abu Simbel. We were amazed at the wonderful carvings and paintings in the tombs we saw in the valley of the kings, including those of the workers. 

Although our time in Jordan was shorter, our trip to Petra was a highlight. The story of that site over the centuries, the beautiful Treasury ruins, and the spectacular hand of nature in carving the cliffs above us were highlights of that day. We also enjoyed visiting Saladin’s castle in the mountains and Jerash (although we got rained out in the middle of it.) Our hotel was great and we loved the food. 

We think all the trip preparation we had with you and your company before our vacation was very helpful and ensured that it was very focused  to our interests.  We would recommend this trip for anyone who wants an introduction to Egypt and Jordan. We sent ia Kodak photo album of  some photos that you might enjoy of our trip. We look forward to visiting again.

Karen and Gerry Deighton

Trip Advisor Review Oct 2011

We just returned (Oct. 18 to Nov. 1, 2011) from the 15 day Egypt Grand Circle Tour and what an amazing trip it was. Right Travel personnel were professional, courteous and extremely knowledgeable. The guides, (we had three different), were friendly and so passionate about their work, giving us a complete understanding of the sites we were visiting. The people of Egypt are friendly and we never felt threatened in our two week stay. Tourism is still currently down in Egypt, which enabled us to get right into the sites with no waiting; and photo ops galore!  We did the optional Alexandria tour and also Abu Simbel. The Abu Simbel journey began with an interesting caravan through the dessert with a line of buses and vans, and culminated in one of the most amazing sites we saw.  I would highly recommend you add this to your itinerary. Taking the assent into the Great Pyramid itself was another must do. There are a set number of tickets sold daily for this and we were lucky to get them. Our Nile cruise aboard the MS Stephanie was wonderful and is a terrific was to see the sites along the Nile. 

All your personnel were wonderful. We enjoyed Mamdoh; he truly enjoys taking people on tour. It was nice to have a woman guide for part of the trip (Hanan), also good at her job. And we especially enjoyed Alaa who knew the answer to every question we asked! Shariff was our favorite driver!  The Fairmont Hotel was pretty amazing; more glamorous than what we are used to! Thank you for the wonderful trip. Feel free to contact us if you have questions,

Shirley and Chris (from USA)


Sep 07-13, 2011 (8 Day Egypt Classical Tour)

I got back last night from the 8 day Egypt tour. Just want to let you know everything was great.  I felt very safe there, no trouble. The guide in Cairo, Moustafa was very good, knows the history of Egypt and the sites, very attentive, friendly and nice. We saw everything without any problem.
The cruise was nice and relaxing. The Egyptologist, Alaa Rashwan was excellent, he really is an expert, also very interesting person, knowledgeable about all the situation in the Middle East as well as Egypt. He was very attentive, polite, took great care of us.

Now is perfect time to visit Egypt as there are so few tourists. We never had to wait to see anything, just walked right in. The people are friendly. I honestly think it’s perfectly OK to travel to Egypt. Thank you for everything.


Frances Lacey


Aug 16-30, 2011 (15 Day Grand Circle Tour)

My wife, children and I had a fabulous time getting to know Egypt and its ancient civilization during August 16-August 30, 2011 with the travel arrangements organized by Right Travel. Right Travel personnel were reliable, courteous, knowledgeable and were there for us during all phases of the trip.

Especial thanks to Medhat, for all his patience with our pre-trip questions; Sharif, our intrepid and amiable driver in Cairo; Yasser, and his lovely family in Cairo; and  Alaa  Rashwan,  our outstanding Egyptologist  for all of the sites visited on the cruise, whose gentility, wit and superior knowledge concerning the ancient sites added a valuable dimension to our experience.

There were almost no lines of tourists, so we were able to explore the monuments in a very personal way. As tourists, we felt secure and protected at all times. Now is the time to visit Egypt and we highly recommend Right Travel.


Gary and Paula and family


August 04-13, 2011 (10 Day Egypt in Depth Tour)

Dear Medhat and team,

Thank you so much for a wonderful and  memorable trip to Egypt. My husband and I enjoyed every moment of it from Cairo, to the Nile Cruise all the way up to Alexandria. Mr. Yasser was extremely attentive in making sure that we were safe and we completed our program. He ensured that our trip to Egypt was nothing but satisfaction. Our guide in Cairo, Hanaan, was phenomenal. She was very knowledgeable in Ancient Egyptian history, as well as the history of your countries and religion. We enjoyed her tremendously. Our guide Alaa during our Nile Cruise, was also fabulous. He was very attentive, and answered all our  questions patiently. Alaa and Hanaan are assets to your company.

The M/S Nile Dolphin was a phenomenal cruise ship. All of the staff on there were very attentive and kind. The Oasis hotel should not be a 4 star hotel, but a 5 star hotel! It was absolutely beautiful. The service that we also got from the hotel was very good!

Not once did I feel unsafe, because of the recent revolution that occurred in your country. In fact my husband I found the Egyptian people to be the most trustworthy and kindest people that we have ever met in the entire world. Everything was perfect! Thank you so much for everything. Medhat thank you very much with your kindness, and your patience with me! You are definitely an awesome individual!

Esme M Jimenez


July 08-18, 2011 (Custom Tour Egypt)

Dear Medhat and the entire Right Travel team, We were very pleased with our visit to Egypt (our second).  From the beginning of our planning of our complex custom itinerary until our final day in Cairo, the Right Travel team provided incredible service leading to a memorable visit for our family. Every part of the trip came off exactly as planned, despite the current difficulties with the revolution in Egypt, which had no negative effects on us whatsoever. I encourage everyone to visit Egypt – they need our tourist revenue! And I would strongly recommend using Right Travel. We intend to use Right Travel again for visits to the Red Sea and other parts of the world.

Thanks again,

J.N. and D.H.


Jun 27 - July 06, 2011 (10 Day Greek Islander Basic)

Dear Medhat,

We had a fabulous time in Greece. The hotels were all just great. I know that you were concerned that we wouldn't enjoy the other two in Mykonos and Santorini, but in fact, the hotel in Mykonos was our favorite. The locations of all 3 hotels were safe, clean, and conveniently located to points of interest. Although the Davini Palace was lovely, it was the Despotiko that captured our affection. The hotel's breakfast room is incredibly charming, the pool area is lovely and the hotel is right across from one of the many windmills and has a fabulous view of the sea from the windmill. It is also just a stone's throw from Mykonos town with all of its restaurants and shops. The Albatros Hotel in Santorini was the simplest of the hotels, but in a perfect location-only 1 kilometer's walk to Fira, and the bus stop was just a few paces from the hotel-very convenient. All the hotels had impeccable service and friendly employees.

We especially enjoyed the transport service and the tour guides that met us at each location. It made the trip worry and hassle free. Each tour guide was very informative and helpful. We especially enjoyed the walking tour in Mykonos. Even though we couldn't make the tour of Ancient Thira on Santorini, the tour guide told us how to get there and what to do, and made many other helpful suggestions.

Thanks for a wonderful trip that came very close to staying within our original budget,



June 2-13, 2011 (11 Day Egypt Pharaonic Tour)


My trip to Egypt was "Awesome". Now, I am back to the U.S., I just wanted to let you know that I am SO glad that I went to Egypt at this time. I was supposed to visit Egypt with another organized group tour in April but it has been cancelled due to the Revolution in February. I was pretty lucky that I found Right Travel through Google Search. I immediately booked my Egypt tour on 05/06/11. I was concerned about safety in Egypt, however, Egypt was SAFE throughout my visit. 


I was greeted by Mr. Yasser (Cairo Tour Manager) at Cairo Airport. He gave me 24/7 access to him right away. Mr. Yasser had arranged my hotel rooms with the Great Pyramids and the Nile River view. I indulged with the Great Pyramids view for the very first night in Cairo. The Grand Hyatt and the Mena House were superb !. He upgraded to upper deck for the Nile River Cruise. My cruise, the M/S Stephanie, was so nice. Mr. Yasser also personally selected Egyptologists for me. Those Egyptologist guides, Mohammed and Mustaffa, were very knowledgeable, professional and personable. All the pyramids and temples visited with them were magnificent. During the last 2 days in Cairo, Mr. Yasser and his lovely wife kindly invited me to his home for lunch (very yummy Egyptian foods !). Mr. Yasser -- I appreciated everything you have done for me while I was in Egypt. My trip went so beautifully and smoothly -- thanks to ALL right Travel staff in Egypt as well as in the U.S. I must add that I was traveling alone but Right Travel personnel made me feel comfortable and safe from the begining to end. 


I highly recommend Right Travel to anyone. I agree with everybody whom contributed to your testimonial page. It was a great trip. I honestly had a wonderful time in Egypt.

Thank you so much for everything !!!


Tommi, CA


May 17-24, 11 (8 Day Egypt Classical Tour)

A friend and I recently completed the 8-day Egypt Classical Tour (May 17-24, 2011) with Right Travel.  Owing to numerous media reports since the revolution in February, we were very worried about the political situation in Egypt.  Fortunately, the trip went off without a hitch.  During every step of the journey, Right Travel personnel ensured that we experienced a safe, informative, and enjoyable visit.  We had many terrific guides and Egyptologists, especially Ahmed and Alia.  We even received an upgrade on our cruise ship for the excursion down the Nile River.

It is a shame that more people, especially those from the United States, are not visiting Egypt this year.  Everywhere, we met friendly people and experienced short (or non-existent) lines.  At times, the panhandlers were off-putting, but otherwise the entire experience was educational and fun.  The summer months may prove to be unbearably hot, but I recommend that anyone contemplating a visit to Egypt in 2011 contact Right Travel to make arrangements as soon as possible.

I certainly will rely on Right Travel for future trips abroad.

Thanks again for arranging an amazing trip.

Mike Martinez
Monroe, Georgia


May 01-22, 11 (Custom Tour Egypt & Jordan)

Hi Medhat,
Having just returned from an outstanding 3 weeks in Egypt & Jordan, (May 1-22), we think it is important to tell you that we felt 100% safe throughout our visit. Everything was great and there were no problems whatsoever. We had great guides, great drivers,  two wonderful cruises on Lake Nasser & The Nile and an outstanding 4 wheel tour through Wadi Rum Jordan.
We made it a point to talk to many of the people in both Egypt & Jordan, and without exception, they all echoed the same words: "Welcome. Thank you for coming to our country. We love America!"
The goodness and kindness we experienced made us feel good that we were able to make the trip. We would encourage everyone to visit both of these two countries that have so much to offer in the way of natural and man made beauty, and  thousands of years of history.
We know we received a great price from Right Travel, and we believe we could not have had a better experience had we used a higher priced travel company. The opportunity to talk to you on the phone prior to our trip, gave us total confidence that everything was taken care of. In retrospect, the arrangements actually exceeded our expectations!
We would be very happy to have anyone contact us who may want to consider using your company.  We are confident, they will be as pleased as we were with the total package.
Thanks again.
Art & Martha Segal

Tucson Az


May 05-15, 11 (11 Day Egypt Pharaonic Tour)

We had a wonderful time. Your representatives there were unbelievable. From the minute we stepped off the plane our first day until the day we left your representatives did everything for us. We never had to worry about luggage or check in at the airport or hotels. Our guides were so knowledgeable and a lot of fun. The Oasis hotel was very nice. The ship’s food was good and the cabins very nice.

Our driver in Cairo was great. He was very good at getting us from point A to point B without getting us killed in the Cairo traffic. The tours were very well organized. The guides did a wonderful job of taking care of us and helping us on what is a good buy and what wasn’t. We felt very safe at all the sites. Of 5 trips to Africa your company by far has been the best ever. We have never been treated so kind. If we ever decide to take another trip to Egypt your company will be our first and only choice.

Jim and Tanya Pool


April 29 - May 07, 11 (10 Day Egypt in Depth Tour)

Right travel especially Egypt division is great! The group is very small. Everybody (from drivers, tour leaders, egyptologists, etc) was professional and wonderful, they made me feel at home and took good care of all tourists. Egypt is very safe to go, I can walk around anywhere.  I didn't stand on any lines at gates or entries because a lot of tourists weren't there yet since the revolution. The tour guides told me that usually needed to wait for hours to get into any gates in the high season. Now it is the best time to go to this ancient land. It is the once of the life time opportunities.
Thank you, right travel.



April 01-12, 11 (Custom Tour Egypt)

Dear Medhat and the Right Travel Agency:
Thank you so much for organizing a wonderful and healthy visit to Egypt for me and my wife this April. We were well taken care of and our trip was one of the best we have ever experienced.

This was our second visit with Right Travel to Egypt within last year and I must say that we enjoyed the recent trip even more than the one a year ago. The people there were very welcoming, guiding was excellent and the sites were very accessible which created awesome opportunity to enjoy this beautiful country.
John and Connie


March 19-25, 2011 (7 Day Egypt Air & Land)

Right Travel provided us with a historically-rich travel experience of Egypt. Everything went as scheduled and Ok. The egyptologists, Aalia and Mohammed, were very knowledgeable on the places visited and the relics viewed. They answered all the questions we had and kept us captivated the entire time. The restaurants chosen also provided a good overlook of delicious Egyptian cuisine. We like to extend our thanks to you for arranging our pleasant trip and Mr. Yasser Salah's family for delicious egyptian dinner.


March 17-26, 2011 (10 Day Egypt in Depth Tour)

We would like to thank our guides personally for their descriptions, friendlyness, attention to detail and schedules, and for just being good and helpful people. I hope their expereinces with Americans from Texas and Michgan was as rewarding as ours.

I must say that my reservations about traveling to Egypt were eliminated from the very first when we were met in Cairo at 11:30pm by Heyfny. He had waited at the airport from 2:30pm that day waiting for our flight. It is a shame that more people are not traveling world over to Egypt as so much of thier economy on the Nile stems from it. On the upside, our tours were not cowded and the attention was like having a personal tour guide which we did.

Thank you,

Mark and Janet Walters


March 08-22, 2011 (15 Egypt Grand Circle Tour):

First, I would like to thanks for the cabins on the boat. It was very nice of you, and the cabins were so confortable, really worth it. Thanks a lot for that. The trip was amazing, the sites are so incredable, the one that I most like was AbuSimbel, impressive. The baloon flight was spetecular, not only because was my first time, but too because of the view.

The guides, Alia in Cairo, and Ashraff (don´t know the writing exactly) on the cruise were so nice and prepared, really left us very happy with their assistance. I would like to highly recommend Alia and Ashraff as good quality, thanks again for everything you did, the trip was a real dream.

Best regard,

James Valeixo





Oct 18 - Nov 01, 2011 (15 Day Grand Circle Tour)