Client Reviews Egypt 2008

Dec 28 - Jan 07, 2009

Medhat, we thoroughly enjoyed our trip and were pleasantly surprised at how smoothly everything went. The tour guides were prompt, helpful and pleasant. A couple of positive things that come to mind, besides seeing all the fabulous sights, is our tour guide on the Nile Shams, Ashraf, was extremely helpful. He not only shared his knowledge of the tour sights but helped us with local customs, as well. However, this comment is not meant to diminish the excellent effort of ALL the drivers and guides who met and transported us to the various sites. We also enjoyed our stay at the Conrad Hilton Hotel. It was a great choice for a Hilton Honors guest, the trip went very smoothly and we both thoroughly enjoyed our time there.

Joe and Kathleen Lampignano


Dec 27, 2008 - Jan 05, 2009

A very happy new year to you! We had a wonderful trip, the experience was extraordinary. Thank you for arranging everything in a perfect manner. Overall we both enjoyed our vacation even more than we expected. People were welcoming and offered wonderful service throughout. We always tipped according to your suggestions (or sometimes a bit more) and people were pleased with that. We are very thankful for the hotel upgrade to Sofitel, it was a great place to stay and we got a beautiful room. Our tour manager in Cairo was very nice as well. We truly enjoyed using your service and could not have had such a nice experience otherwise. We will definitely use your service again for future trips.

And finally, we want to thank you personally Medhat, for your prompt responses, attention to every detail and flexibility in designing our trip.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have additional questions.

Best Regards,


Dec 26, 2008 - Jan 05, 2009

Hi Medhat,

The trip went great! The sites were really special and worth the visit. Almost all arrangements were perfect. The hotels were fine without exception. The airport transfers went good.

I need to thank you again for the time and good will you spent for our trip to the kids. We visited two locations operated by the group, The youngest was 3 months. This was a wonderful part of trip with great memories for me.

Be Well,



Dec 26, 2008 - Jan 05, 2009

Medhat, I am happy to let you know that I enjoyed my trip immensely. Egypt was fascinating and Jordan was beautiful! I was extremely impressed with the service we received from all of the people. Our guide for our Egypt day tour, Mariam, was extremely knowledgeable and pleasant. When the restaurant we had planned to eat at w ouldn't let us in, she took us to anohter restaurant where I had some of the best food I have ever eaten. There was anohter gentleman in Egypt who was extremely helpful as well. unfortunately I do not know his name. He brought us to the airport for our early morning flight to Aswan and handled checking us in when the airport was chaotic. He also picked us up from our flight from Luxor and in just a few minutes arranged a driver to take us to the bazaar. In Jordan, our driver Yasser was very friendly and knowledgeable.
Now I have written more than a few lines, but I want to give people the credit they are due. I also appreciate all of your help in making the arrangements and fixing my overbooking charge. I will definitely recommend right travel to my friends and family. Happy New Year! Jill


Dec 18-31, 2008

Thanks for the follow-up. Our trip was great, with one notable exception. Egypt and Jordan were both fascinating as we expected and we were impressed by almost everyone that we dealt with there. Please feel free to forward our comments to these individuals and their Managers – they are professionals and deserve to be recognized and appreciated.

Hussam Yossif Abd-El Kader from Eden travel in Cairo was consistently helpful, friendly, informative and always punctual. He made sure that we were kept informed and promptly responded to any issues that we had. Right Travel should realize that Hussam is a great employee and a very good representative and brand ambassador for the company.

Hamdi, our first guide in Cairo was friendly, knowledgeable and professional.

Alia Tohamy, our second guide at Cairo was also friendly, knowledgeable and professional. She took the time to understand our priorities and what we wanted to see and do. We understand that she is just starting out in this profession and am sure that she will do well in her career.

Ahmed, our guide at Edfu, Kom Ombo and Aswan was very good. He went out of his way to make sure that we got to see and do what we wanted and gave us great recommendations about additional places to see.

We really enjoyed our experience with Mohammad Abo Rabeea, the driver/guide from Right Travel in Jordan. He was friendly, informative, hospitable and very professional. Right Travel and Jordan should be proud of having someone like him. It’s people like him that create a positive impression about the country and its people.

Lastly, I wanted to thank you for your help and assistance with everything. Your company has a very organized and professional approach and I would not hesitate to recommend anyone to you. We may also contact you later for a trip to Kenya.




Nov 20 - Dec 01, 2008

Hello Medhat,

My apologies for not providing you with feedback sooner as I was cleaning out my email box and must have missing your email earlier.

Our trip was absolutely fabulous and we had a great time in Egypt. The sights we saw were amazing and simply fascinating that most archeology was able to withstood the sands of time and the elements over the centuries.

The tour guides in Cairo and Luxor/Aswan were excellent and well informed about the area, sights and explanations of the ruins we saw. Mohammid who picked and dropped us off at the airports was also very friendly and accommodating.

Overall, we were very pleased with going to Egypt and are satisfied with using Right Travel. We will definitely recommend your company to our friends and family for future vacations.

Thank you very much for a memorizing vacation!

Ted Moy and Mei-Chen Lu


Nov 14-28, 2008

Hi Medhat,

Well how quickly time flies when you're having fun! We had a fabulous tour of Egypt, although must admit we were surprised to find that we were the only Americans on the tour for the first and last sections. On the Nile cruise section, we were joined by a lovely young couple from the Los Angeles Area. After the cruise they went on to Alexandria and Ron and I went on to Israel. Apparently not many Americans are traveling to this area at this time due to the economic situation.

We were met by smiling and welcoming guides in each city starting with Mohammad in Cairo airport. Each of the city guides was very knowledgeable and we especially enjoyed the time spent with Rada in Cairo, and Hend in Giza.

The transfer to Israel went very smoothly, and so did the return to Cairo. Israel has a tremendous amount to do and see. Three touring days is certainly not enough to see this remarkable country.

Medhat, again our thanks for making this a memorable vacation. We will refer our friends, after they view our hundreds of pictures!


Eva Teilmann and Ronald Dworitz


Nov 07-14, 2008

I just wanted to take this time to tell you about the wonderful trip we had in Egypt. As always, the service you provided was outstanding. Our accommodations were simply wonderful. Our rooms triple plex overlooking the Nile River. The walk in level had a dinner table, bathroom and a beautiful bureau, the second level was our living room with a balcony and the third level was the bedroom and a bathroom with a Jacuzzi. We couldn’t ask for better accommodations.

Our tour guide Hussein Ahmed was phenomenal. He has a genuine passion for his country and his work. The tours were very intense and he took us to each tour site and explained in depth the history of what we were looking at. He took his time and made sure we understood the history behind every statue, the writings on the walls, the sphinx and the pyramids. He stayed with us from the time of our arrival until our departure.


Our cruise was indescribable. At one point, the locks on the Nile River wouldn’t open. We stood on the outside upper deck of the ship and sang old spiritual hymns and the locks just opened up. This was a very memorable and touching moment, something we’ll never forget.


The staff on the cruise was very nice and accommodating. They made sure everyone was comfortable and happy. They even joined us as we partied on the cruise. One of the most joyous moments on the ship was the last night. Everyone dressed up in Egyptian attire and had a marvelous time. This was one of many trips that your service provided.


We are looking forward to our next adventure with Right Travel.




Sunnova Travel, LLC


Starr & Patricia


Sep 29 – Oct 11, 2008

Dear Medhat and Right Travel team,

We wanted to express our gratitude for the wonderful time we had on our honeymoon to Egypt! Our stays in Cairo, Luxor and Sharm El Sheikh were absolutely amazing! Each city had something memorable and wonderful to offer. The people in Egypt were very good to the tourists and the service at each hotel was impeccable.

We toured every city with an English speaking guide. All our guides were very knowledgeable and were able to answer any questions we had and were so kind about taking our pictures as well! We never had to worry about anything as the guides and drivers were always on time and took us safely to our destinations. With our tour guides around, we never had to wait long in the airports as they took us to the front of every line and made our travels very smooth. We would recommend the services that Right Travel provided to anyone traveling to Egypt. They were very responsive to all of our needs. We never had to wait more than 24 hours to get a response to an email and they were always around if we called (even when we called from the airport to ask for advice around exchange rates). We can’t thank you enough, we will never forget this trip!

Our deepest gratitude,

Alex and Rosanna


Sep 25 - Oct 03, 2008

Dear Medhat,

Our trip to Egypt was wonderful, and it all began with you. Your advice for locking in the airfare and prompt responses to our questions were extremely helpful and prepared us for the trip. When we arrived in Egypt and when we traveled within the country to Abu Simbel and Aswan everything went very smoothly. We always were met at the airport without delay and driven to our destination. Guides provided itineraries to keep us on track and make sure we understood what would be next.

The Egyptologist guides (Hussain in Cairo and Mohammed Terek during the cruise) provided by Right Travel were excellent, extremely knowledgeable, passionate about Egypt's history, and able to really bring that history to life for us. My favorite part of the trip was when Hussain took us to the Mohammed Ali mosque and told us the story of how Mohammed became the Prophet and the symbolism in the mosque's architecture. Most important, the guides and the drivers you provided were always kind and considerate, always making us feel welcome. We particularly enjoyed working with Azezel in Cairo.

The Oasis hotel in Cairo was lovely. The grounds were beautiful, the rooms were comfortable.

I'd like to note that our departure from Cairo international airport was made much easier thanks to the efforts of our guide who whisked us through a vast crowd and considerable turmoil that would have been daunting otherwise, and he even responded to other traveler's questions in stride - what a wonderful man and what a pleasure to work with someone so kind.

I will not hesitate to recommend Right Travel to my friends.

Judy Levine


Sep 25 - Oct 03, 2008

We're back from our fabulous trip to Egypt. Everything went very smoothly and we felt very well taken care of. We particularly appreciated our Cairo driver Asiszo, our Cairo Egyptologist Hassein and our cruise Egyptologist Mohamed. The Oasis hotel was just what we thought an oasis hotel should be. The cruise ship was also very nice. The guides brought ancient Egypt to life and were very sincere and passionate.

We also appreciated all your help.

Nancy Ahr


Sep 26-Oct 05, 2008

A few lines could not begin to describe the experience, But I will attempt it. Your counterpart agency, was always there to assist me to arrive and enjoy every destination on my itinerary. The guides provided me with lots of information about the individual sites and allowed plenty of time on my own to explore each site. The Transportation to and from sites with very adequate. The ship accommodations were excellent and so was the service. All in all the trip was one of wonder and discovery.

Thank You very much.
Rodolfo Lopez


Sep 22-Oct 05, 2008

We are back and let me start by saying - THANK YOU! My husband and I travel quite a bit and we've been out of the country dozens of times - all through Europe and South Africa earlier this year. This was the most organized trip we have ever been on!!! Your team was extremely professional and a lot of fun to work with. Everything was just as you promised it would be. Simply wonderful! We'd like to go to the Orient next year and Spain this summer. Are these areas you work with as well. We would love to work with your organization again. It was completely hassle free which is how we like it.

I just scanned through your testimonial page. I didn't see your page prior to the trip so it was quite a surprise for us to receive such treatment. As I scan through the testimonials, I can see that everyone feels the same way which makes us feel so lucky to have found you. I would also like to point out one Guide in particular went out of his way to be sure we were fully satisfied. It was Tyrek Mohammed in Luxor. He was so caring and thoughtful while being so professional and honest about everything. He even took us out in the evenings on his own time and helped us navigate and negotiate for our souvenirs. I will add a few pictures of some of our interactions with your people. Tyrek is the one with out the head gear! I think you will see what I mean. Again special thanks to you and all the drivers and guides for the trip of a lifetime!!

Thanks again.

Pat & Greg.


Sep 10-20, 2008

The trip was great. We had very good accommodations. All your group are real professionals. Everything went smoothly, I was really satisfied with all aspects of the trip and your staff. Please convey my thanks to all for a job well done.


Joe Camp


Sep 09-19, 2008

We all had a great time in Egypt. The guides were excellent. Three really stood out. Tarek Ibrahim, Ayman and Mocmood. I hope I spelled the names correctly. They were always on time and all knew their stuff. The JW Marriott was outstanding although it was isolated and far from downtown Cairo. The buffett breakfast at the JW was incredible. However, there was not much to do around the hotel area. Oberoi Philae Nile Cruise was just great.

I especially appreciated the fact that the manager from Right Travel called me several times to make sure all was going well. On behalf of our group I would like to thank you for a job well done.

Bob Damesek


Sep 09-19, 2008

Dear Medhat

My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the trip. Many thanks for your selection of tour guides, coordinators and drivers; they were all wonderful!

Best regards,

Ellyn Gross


Sep 09-19, 2008

Thank you so much for a phenomenal vacation! Everything at your end was perfection! There was not one snafu during the entire trip. Your Egyptian team was warm and caring, knowledgable and articulate, and extremely accommodating. I couldn't have asked for a better experience and will certainly use you again for future travel.

Lorrie Klemons


Aug 22-Sep 06, 2008

Dear Medhat,

Just a few words can describe my tour "awesome" all the representatives from the company were readily to help us from the time we landed to the time we were ready to come home, the tour guides were very informative and explained to us in detail the whole history and just the fact of choosing a "private guide" had its advantages, we were able to see more things that the regular tours didn't take the time to show, I will definitely recommended this trip to everyone, it was a lifetime experience and will love to go back in a heart beat.

Ms. Romero & Mr. Garcia


Aug 04-13, 2008

I would just like to let you know that our trip to Egypt was perfectly planned and expertly carried out. We were helped from the moment we landed in Egypt in immigration and in every town we visited by your tour guides. They were proffessional and very knowledgeable about all sites and history of Egypt. We had absolutely no problems on the vacation, and it went exactly as described by the agency. Every detail was taken care of, and every event was planned and executed to perfection. The cruise on the Nile was spectacular, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Thank You, I think we made the Right choice.

Ms/Ms Hosein


July 05-21, 2008

On behalf of my Husband and myself, I would like to thank you for our unbelievably, awesome trip to Egypt. We have nothing but great things to say about you and your sister company in Egypt. We would definately recommend it to other people and more importantly you made us want to go back there. We were a little apprehensive about the trip but it was way more than we could ever anticipate. We were quite impressed with the way we were taken care of while we were in Egypt and we especially enjoyed the Nile Cruise (really impressed) and snorkelling in Sharm. We couldn't believe what we were able to see. We saw a humongous eel, mantarays, stingray and even two octopus. We both were in awe. We both want to do another cruise and go to Sharm again. You made our trip full of beautiful memories and the only thing I regret is not going through you guys for our Hotel Bookings. Next time though. You and your company are No. 1 in our books and first class all the way. Thank you so much for everything.

Gina & Wayne


May 26-Jun 08, 08

Through Right Travel and especially its representative, Medhat, we had the trip of a Lifetime to Egypt and Jordan. From start to finish the trip went like perfect clockwork, with travel reps daily in each country seeing to our needs from visas to airport connections to even checking in our luggage, ensuring no mistakes or worries. Medhat had arranged the trip according to our own personal scheduling needs and not one thing went wrong all that was required of us was to sit back and enjoy the splendor of Egypt and Jordan and that we did with great appreciation for all the personal care shown us. The guides were excellent, the contacts kind, and the tours unforgettable. Right Travel gave us a perfect vacation, problem free and beautiful.

Mary & John


May 26-Jun 01, 08

Hi Medhat,

Thank you for the email. Both Raj and I had a wonderful time. It was absolutely amazing. We never expected the amount of care and planning you guys put into these tours. We had everything waiting for us wherever we went. The travel agents, drivers and guides were willing to listen and accomodate each and every request of ours. We both are extremely impressed with your efficiency and highly recommend you to all our friends and family. Egypt is definitely beautiful and we will definitely visit again, of course we will go through your agency only.

Thanks so much for helping us have a once in a lifetime experience.

Sapna & Raj


April 14-23, 2008


A great big thank you for your outstanding service. From booking our trip to helping my husband out with room numbers, you were prompt and professional. Our guides were great! Very knowledgeable and friendly. George, our Cairo contact, was always there to answer any questions and he took very good care of us. I was very pleased with the service I received and would not hesitate to work with you again.

Ukleja Family


April 10, 2008

Agent Medhat Elsergany,

My wife and I have just returned from a trip to Egypt booked through Right Travel. We were met promptly at the airport and guided through customs by the Right personnel. We experienced every thing promised by Right Travel. We were always met on time and guided by friendly knowledgeable personnel and guides when on set out on excursions.

I would recommend Right Travel to anyone and would not hesitate to use them again.

Thank you again for a great trip.

Fred and Glenda Bogott


March 28, 2008

Our Egypt trip exceeded our expectations. Our Right Travel representative - Medhat Elserganys' expertise enabled us to fulfill our dreams of visiting Egypt, by preparing for us a very customized itinerary.

The moment we landed in Egypt, we were met at the airport by the very abel Travco representative. He had already gotten our visas, and we were taken through customs and baggage claim. It was all a breeze. We were then taken to our Cairo's Trip Coordinator - Hesham. Hesham worked with us and made sure all legs of our tour went well. He was a gem.

The tour guides in all areas - Cairo, Aswan Luxor, and Alexandria were all very good. They were very knowledgeable of the Ancient Egyptian History. My family and I learnt a lot. The guides were also very accommodating to our 11 year old son. He was very fascinated by the temples and also by the King Tut's exhibit in the Cairo museum and the guides explained it all to him so he would understand.

The mini bus drivers were also very accommodating and patient - waiting for us on all the tours we did. The Cairo drivers patiently, and cautiously, and skillfully maneuvered through the busy traffic.

Our stay in Cairo was at the Grand Hyatt hotel. We received very impressive and excellent service from all. this was very welcoming. This hotel is also very elegantly and tastefully decorated. It was especially fascinating looking from our balcony and seeing the great pyramids in the distance. We were even able to take pictures of the pyramids from this venue.

Our trip comprised of a three (3) night cruise on the Nile - from Aswan to Cairo. Our ship was the Crown Emperor. Services were great. A cruise on the Nile is well worth it because we were able to get a glimpse of how the regular Egyptians live. We saw people fishing, tending to their farms and conducting lives while sailing on the Nile.

We, my husband, son, and I were so overwhelmed by the services we received from both Right Travel and Travco.

Our thanks to all who made our trip so interesting.

Errol & Carole Shrouder


March 21, 2008

Right Travel did an excellent job in assisting us with our 9 day trip to Egypt in March 2008. We flew from Philadelphia to Cairo and back.

Upon arrival in Cairo, we were greeted by a TRAVCO employee who guided us through customs, collecting our luggage, and currency exchange. He then escorted us to our private mini-van that took us to our hotel. In the mini-van, we met our Cairo tour manager who arranged for our tours and also got us checked into our hotel. He would meet us every day to make sure everything was okay and let us know how our schedule would work. Our tour guide in Cairo was fantastic and fun! We loved him.

When we traveled to other areas such as Abu Simbel, Aswan, and Luxor, we were again escorted and greeted by TRAVCO employees who would help us through the airports and escort us to our cruise ship. We had a great time on our cruise ship. I really think that was the best part. The cruise ship would design neat animals on our beds. We had a baby king tut, cobras at the bottom of the beds, crocodiles, swans, and pyramids. The food and staff was great on the ship as well. Our tour guides were very informative and would meet us on the ship to take us on our tours for each day.

We returned to Cairo to finish our touring and were fortunate enough to be with the same tour guide that we started with. This added to the fun since we all kind of knew each other at that point. Upon our departure, we were once again guided to the airport and escorted to where we needed to be to go home.

I would totally recommend Right Travel and TRAVCO as the touring company in Egypt. The price was very reasonable and we felt very safe. We traveled with two children as well, and they had a great time too. When we began pricing this vacation out, we went to AAA to see what their price would be for basically the same tour. They were approximately $4,500 more and the tours would not have been private-they would have been group tours. Group tours are fine but we really enjoyed a private tour that we could customize as we wanted.

The only suggestion I would have for someone goint to Egypt is to perhaps see if you could allow yourself some extra days. There is so much to see and so little time! You really have a very busy schedule each day. Of course you have down time but sometimes it doesn't feel like a lot. Certainly however, it is more than worth it!

Cindy & Ed Rybak


Jan 08, 2008...

Dear Medhat,


Egypt was the most inspiring place I have ever been. My plane was met by your travel associates, everything was smooth, the hotel was fabulous and walking distance from the great pyramids.


All my flights were done professionally and my boat trip on the Nile was so peaceful and the service was outstanding....Interesting to be the only passenger who spoke English...the other passengers were from Belgium and Holland.....but very nice.....


The drivers were experts and the guides were so well educated on each area and so friendly, I felt that I was with old friends....Traveling alone just before my 61st birthday was an adventure but Egypt exceeded my expectations.....Thank you so much for your help.....

I have recommended you to my dear old school friend who is looking to travel to Egypt later in the year.


Thank you again


Sarah Marie


Dec 24, 2007...

I tried to send an email to you in Aswan to let you know that how much we appreciate your tour arrangement, but hotmail was too slow to respond. Now we are back. It was a memorable trip to everyone. We really enjoyed it, although we are exhausted now. we will definitely recommend you to our friends. and I will schedule my desert and Red Sea trip with you when the time comes.
Thanks again!



Dec 23, 2007

Thank you very much for the card and more importantly, planning a wonderful trip for us!! Everything was perfect. The Travco people were very gracious and helpful as well. I would recommend your agency and Travco to anyone I know traveling!

Thank You,
Shefali and Jai


Dec 13, 2007

Right Travel gave us the perfect Egypt experience! Medhat Elsergany worked with us for months to ensure that our trip was just what we wanted -- he answered every question we had, no matter how minor, and usually within a few hours! We wanted to stay in Giza on the first leg, and in Cairo at the end, which is really optimal for seeing everything -- the Shepheard Hotel that Medhat found for us, was within walking distance of the Egyptian Museum (just what we wanted). The Meridian Pyramids was beautiful, and the Sonesta St. George in Luxor was absolutely the best -- luxurious, indeed!

Thanks to Right Travel, the trip went so smoothly ... at every transfer an agent met us and took us personally to our hotel, ship, or tour. Having such people along to speak Arabic was an invaluable help in a country where English is limited at best. We were also prepared for the constant barrage of tipping requests ("baksheesh") as Right Travel sent us a guide recommending appropriate tipping (and clothing, etc). The tours we took (Abu Simbel, Aswan, and Luxor) through the company were also excellent, and hassle-free; our guide in Aswan (Hana) was the best we had anywhere, and gave us real insight into Egyptian life. We highly recommend the Abu Simbel trip as well -- the website is not kidding that these are "the most magnificent temples in the world"!

Most of all, I can say we felt safe on this journey -- with the transfers, with the guides, and in the hotels. Many, many thanks, Right Travel!


Lara and Scott, NY