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Vacation in Morocco

9 Day Morocco Kasbahs, Oases Desert Tour

Vacation in Morocco becomes more interesting when you travel with your family and friends. There are three amazing significant features of this travel package. The first one is that it enables the traveler to visit Marrakech with all its rich history and amazing atmosphere and monuments. The second significant feature is that it will give the guest a golden chance to explore the secrets of the Moroccan oasis and deserts with all its fabulous secrets. The third trait of this perfectly designed travel package is that the guest will have a visit to Ouarzazate, the Moroccan Hollywood where many famous films were produced like The Laurence of Arabia

The trip starts with spending two nights in Marrakesh to visit all the important attractions of the city including the village of Skoura, Jemaa El Fna square, and the Koutoubia Minaret. The second stage of this trip consists of spending three nights in various oasis of Morocco including Tinghir, Merzouga, Alnif, Tazarine, and Zagoura to taste the wonders of the desert life there with many villages, greenery scenes, and natural life to discover.

The last stage of this trip will contain a memorable visit to Ouarzazate, the cinema production center of Morocco and the whole North African region. You will have the chance to explore the studios of the city and observe where many great famous films were produced.

Vacatipon in Morocco trip is carefully designed to suit the needs and the requirements of any traveler who loves luxury and comfort. The tour guides escorting the guests will be highly experienced in satisfying all the needs and the requirements a traveler might think of as they are finely educated and have great language and communication skills

The guest will enjoy his accommodation in Marrakech in Ryad Mogador Hotel, famous for its old fashioned design and offering the guests with remarkable experience. In Casablanca, the guest will stay in the Kenzi Basma Hotel, a wonderful hotel located near all the highlights of the city with many rooms that offer amazing views of the city.

While in Tinghir, the guest will stay in the cozy Kenzi Saghrou, a comfortable hotel presenting all the services and facilities for their guests and in Merzouga, the traveler would enjoy his accommodation in the Nasser Palace, an amazing hotel with swimming pool that is located on top of the dunes with beautifully decorated rooms.

In Zagoura, the guest will stay in the Kasbah la Fibule de Draa, which is a large hotel with gardens and swimming pools, and in, Ouarzazate, the guest will have a nice time staying in the Riad Tichka Salam hotel which is a comfortable hotel offering many services and facilities.

Cities visited in this travel package:

Marrakech: Marrakech, the red City, or city of palm trees, is very interesting city in Morocco and is located in the middle of the kingdom from 330 kilometers to the South of Rabat.

Marrakesh is a city of a very long history where the Al Moravids, Almowhad dynasty, and Al Saadi dynasty ruled for many years.

The city has many interesting attractions that includes the old Koutoubia Mosque built in the 12th century by the Al Moravids and considered to be one of the most ancient mosques in the city.

Tinghir : Tinghir is a city located in the Eastern region of Morocco on the Atlas Mountain.

The word Tinghir has an interesting story behind it. A man came from the mountains to the market accompanied by his wife. With the large numbers of people in the market, the man lost track of his wife and her name was Toudy. So he started calling for his wife. One of the men in the market thought that this name belongs to the city itself.

Afterwards, the name was transformed into Tadghet and then it was called Tinghir referring to the Eighir Mountains.

Tinghir is a large oasis rich with many natural scenes and this area is considered to be one of the most famous touristic destinations in Morocco as huge numbers of travelers started visiting the city in the past few years.

The most famous attraction in Tinghir is the Tichka pass and the Qassabah that dates back to 1630 AD

Zagora: Zagora is a town located in the Draa River Valley in the Southeastern region of Morocco. The town is surrounded all over with the mountains of Zagora, a word derived from the Berber language meaning the twin peaks.

The town was only built in the 20th century. Among the most famous attractions of the city are the AlMoravid fortress and the AlMoravid Mosque. Zagora is also famous for its mud houses and natural life.

Ouarzazate : Ouarzazate is a region of around 20 thousand square meters that is located to the South West of Morocco.

This region is famous for its dry weather and for being the meeting point of different civilizations throughout history. The Amazeeg are the first population that ever lived in the region.

Ouarzazate is also significant for its special style of architecture in the construction of houses and palaces.

The region is most famous for hosting the most important cinema studios in the North African region. This studio was where many popular films were featured. The guest will have the chance to visit all these studios and explore the wonders of the silver screen.