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Turkey vacation

So finally you decided to go on turkey Vacation but confused what to see and how to go there. Well the Topkapi palace in Istanbul is best place to visit in whole turkey tour and right-travel is best travel agency which provides you best travel guides to travel to turkey and give you full information while you are travelling there.

The stamp of Sultan Mohamed II 1446-1451) ,or Mohamed the conqueror, the Sultan who built most of the palace is pasted above the gate with the date of the construction of the gate in 1478. There is also another inscription above the gate indicating the date of its reopening in 1867 by Sultan Abdel Aziz (1830 to 1876).

When the visitor enters from the imperial Gate he finds himself inside the first courtyard of the Topkapi Palace which was burned in the 19th century. This open courtyard used to hold special importance for the Turkish people as it hosted the Parade Court where the complaints of the people were received by the Sultan's officials.

This turkey private tour is really amazing because it include travel to whole Topkapi Palace which is really amazing.
To the right of the gate from inside, the treasury officers used to sit and in another section of this arena the main bakery of the palace was located providing bread to the royal family and the servants of the palace.

To the left section of the first courtyard of the palace, the Byzantine Hagia Irene Church is situated and there is where the museum of the palace is today located.

In front of this museum, the second gate of the palace, the Salutation gate, is the factual gate of the Topkapi palace. The Salutation gate was erected by Mohamed II and restored by Sultan Murad III.

The iron section of the Salutation gate contains the name of the person adding it to the gate who is Sultan Suleiman I who ruled the Ottoman Empire for 70 years as the longest reigning king in the Ottoman history (1494 -1566).

After passing the gate, the guest finds himself in front of five routs to choose to walk into. The first one is leading to the kitchen of the Palace where the meals of the Sultans and their royal family used to be cooked.

Another rout leads to another gate of the palace, the gate of felicity. One other rout goes to the Diwan, the imperial council, or the office of administration of the palace.

There are also two other routs leading to the Haramlek, or the women residence of the palace and the other going to imperial stables of the palace.

The imperial council of the palace was one of the most important sections of the Topkapi Palace as it was where the administrative and bureaucracy issues and problems were addressed and discussed. This section consists of the first hall or the place that was used to be called Under the dome and this was where the administrative meetings used to be held.

The second hall was where the officials used to keep records of the recent meetings and the third hall contained the archive of the records of the issues discussed in the official meetings of the state.

The Haramlek, or the Women's section, is a huge structure that contains 300 rooms where the wives and the maids of the Sultan used to live and sleep.

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