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Tour to Turkey - Half and one day tours from Turkish ports

Many tourists landing at one of the Turkish ports have preferred to go on a half and one day tour to Turkey while they are staying for one or two nights at the port.

When the traveler organizes to spend his vacation on board of a ship, there are often many free days or half days that the traveler spends at leisure to explore the destinations the ship lands at, on his own style. Without knowing the right places to visit, the right times of visit, the best transportation means; it would be a hassle to just mingle around a city that you have never visited before. This is why many guests prefer to go on a perfectly organized one day or half day tours to Turkey.

There are many advantages of going on well organized one day or half days tours. The first advantage is that you can explore more sites that you wish to visit and that are not included in your Turkey vacation packages. Sometimes, a traveler views a historical site or any other point of interest in a guidebook, or maybe being told by a friend about it, and then he doesn't find it included in his package, the best choice in that case is to find another travel agency that can provide him with a tour to the place he wants to go to.

A travel can never cover all the notable places in one vacation in Turkey. Most of the travel agencies organizing Turkey trips only cover the major highlights of the country putting aside many other places of interest that many travelers would love to visit.

When travelers go on holidays, most of them prefer to enjoy themselves and leave all the organization work for some other reliable person or agency. No one would want to bargain with a driver for a long time to take him to his desired historical site for example. This is another example of one or half day tours from ports in Turkey. The guest will book his escorted Turkey tour, and he will find our finest most comfortable vehicle waiting for him.

There is no meaning behind visiting a historical monument without knowing some information about its history, founder, and the story behind its construction. Our long experienced best educated tour guides will provide the guests with the most wonderful explanation and historical background while visiting the site. All sites, included in any trips to Turkey, need a fine interpretation of all the details and historical facts of the site for the traveler to enjoy himself to the max.

Some travelers, landing at one of the Turkish ports, think that one day or half day tours in Turkey would be more expensive than if the traveler visits the site on his own. Actually, out of experience, usually the well organized escorted Turkey tours, especially if the traveler chooses a well reputed travel agency, is cheaper and more convenient than any other alternative. The guest will have the best services, guiding, and transportations and he will pay the most competitive prices equivalent to the services he has received.

Right Travel offers the guests landing in one of the Turkish ports the finest one day and half day tours to Turkey to all desired destination in the country. While landing for one or two nights, why miss the chance to go on a wonderful one day tour to discover the secrets and magic of the monuments in Turkey.

Our one half and one day tours in Turkey are comfortable, convenient, secured, exciting, and we offer them with the best competitive prices in the market. You can have a wonderful Turkey private tour for one day and we also provide all sorts of the finest trips in Turkey.

Half Day Dolmabahce Tour

After landing in Istanbul, knowing that you will spend one or two nights landing in the port, why not take the chance and visit one of the most interesting historical palaces in the city in one of our most popular half day tours in Istanbul.

This superb half day tour, which can be organized in the morning or afternoon, starts in the Istanbul port with the most comfortable vehicle awaiting you. Our Tour guide will be greeting you upon your arrival and giving you a small orientation of this marvelous trip.

This half day tour would be the most wonderful choice for travelers who are fond of Turkey modern history and for shoppers as well who love going through the different shops selecting gifs and souvenirs to take home. Visiting both the Dolmabache Palace and the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul is one of the most remarkable activities to do as part of an escorted Turkey tour.

Now its time for the action, your first stop will be at the Dolmabahce palace, one of the most notable historical palaces in Istanbul.

About Dolmabahce palace:

The Dolma, as the locals prefer to call it was built in 1856 by Sultan Abdul Mecit. The palace was designed by Karabet Balyan and his son Nikogos, one of the most famous Armenian architectures who lived in Turkey at the time and their constructions are dominating the banks of the Bosporus Strait.

The luxurious style by which the Dolmabache was built is totally against the fact that when the palace was constructed, the Ottoman Empire was witnessing the most sever decline in its history. The explanation behind this is that the Sultan has funded his construction by loans from foreign banks and countries.

A traveler visiting the palace as part of his tour to Istanbul has to have be guided throughout his visit to the Dolmabache Palace in order to enjoy his visit and understand the greatness of this piece of architectural art.

In fact, there are two tours to go on while visiting the palace; the first is to the Salamlek, or the mens section of the palace hosting all the state rooms and celebration halls, and there is the Harem section, or the ladies section, the part where the sultan, his wives, and royal family used to live.

Once the guest reaches the palace, he enters through the imperial gate of the Dolmabache palace, once officially used by the Sultan and his ministers. The imperial gate of the Sultan is the main entrance of the palace nowadays.The janissary band performs amazing live music in front of this gate every Tuesday at noon. Many travelers coming for holidays in Istanbul prefer to visit the palace at that particular day to enjoy the lively music.

After entering the palace, and to the left hand side, the swan fountain is located as part of the imperial garden. This amazing piece of architecture is admired by all the guests of the palace coming for their vacations in Turkey.

One of the most interesting features of the Dolmabache Palace is the crystal stair case that usually stuns the guests of the palace. This stair case was constructed in the shape of the double horseshoe and it is made out of Baccarat crystal and brass.

One of the most marvelous sections of the palace is the Ataturk bedroom where the sultan Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkey, passed away on the 10th of November 1938.This room contains many remarkable sections and luxurious furniture.

The main hall of the palace, designed to host around 2500 guests, is the ceremonial hall. The chandelier being the heaviest in the whole world, 4.5 tons,was brought to the palace from England.
Alabaster from Egypt was imported to coat the walls of the main bathroom of the palace. With the taps made out of pure silver, the colored windows of the bathroom of the palace used to offer the Sultan, his guests, and his wives amazing views of the Bosporus.

Going on a holiday in Istanbul is never completed without a visit to the Dolmabache palace.

Our next stop in this marvelous tour will be to the Grand Bazaar, one of the most interesting and remarkable touristic markets in Europe.

About the Grand Bazaar

This market that consists mainly of busy streets covered with thousands of shops and stores selling all sorts gifts and products. This market was established by Mohamed the conqueror in 1453 after he opened the city as the leader of the Ottoman armies.

The grand bazaar hosts numerous shops selling leather, traditional Turkish costumes, Turkish sweets and delights, ceramics, rugs and carpets, jewelry, and different types of gifts and souvenirs.

There are many landmarks inside the market like the marble fountain that once provided the bazaar with fresh water 300 years in the past. Many traditional cafes are spread all over the bazaar and they are the best resort for travelers after a remarkable walk in the market.

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