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Tin Mal Ancient Town in Morocco

Situated inside a village in one of the huge Atlas Mountains, Tin Mal hosts a large impressive fortress and army stronghold that dates to the Almohad dynasty. Today, this ancient town is one of the marvelous historical sites tourists who visit Morocco are keen to explore.

Tin Mal was founded in 1124 by Ibn Tumart, the establisher of the Almohad dynasty, which used to control a huge area expanding from Morocco to Tunisia. Among the most wonderful elements of Tin Mal, there is the large mosque that was constructed around the middle of the 12th century.

The interior sections of the mosque have undergone an extensive restoration process. This is why it is still well-preserved until today. There is the remarkable Mihrab with its special ornaments. The minaret with its huge design makes travelers who tour Morocco think it is a castle from far away.

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