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The Towering Minaret of Hassan

The Towering Minaret of Hassan II is surely one of the most remarkable historical monuments of Rabat, the capital of Morocco. Constructed by Yusuf El Mansour, the one credited with the foundation of Rabat, the mosque was planned to be among the largest in the world. However, the construction of the rest of the mosque, other than its huge minaret, stopped for political reasons.

With more than 44 meters in height, the towering minaret of Hassan is huge and impressive. A large number of tourists who travel to Morocco are keen to explore it. The mosque was planned to have a surface area of more than 26,000 square meters to reflect the greatness of Al Mansour.

The towering minaret of Hassan contains a matchless blend of the Andalusian outlines, North African styles of decorations, and many other elements that make it a distinctive monument. Several travel packages to Morocco include a visit to the towering minaret of Hassan.

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