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The Tibet in China

Tibet is perhaps one of the largest plateaus in the world. With a surface area that is around double the size of France, the Tibet is situated between two mountains of the Himalaya. With the roads being enhanced and a railway that connects it with to the rest of the world, many tourists who travel to China have started visiting the Tibet.

Most tourists who spend their vacations in China and explore the Tibet would usually begin their trips in Lhasa, the base for many interesting places to explore in Tibet.

Although the city of Lhasa is getting modernized very quickly, it is still one of the most amazing places to visit for tourists who spend their holidays in China. The city enjoys a marvelous blend of the Western elements with the traditional places like the Potala Palace.

Even the layout of Lhasa is quite distinctive. The city is divided into two sections, the Chinese section to the West and the Tibetan section to the East. There is also a small Muslim district to the Southeast of the center of the city. Lhasa welcomes numerous tourists who travel to China.

The most famous street in Lhasa is Barkhor, featured with its several touristic shops. Many vacationers who spend their holidays in China would visit this area. Barkhor is also the most sacred Buddhism pilgrimage circuit. The street is in fact surrounding the walls of the Jokhang Temple, one of the largest and most impressive temples of the Tibet.

The Jokhang Temple is actually the holiest building in the whole area of the Tibet. It was constructed probably in the middle of the 7th century. However, most of the original features of the temple have changed with time passing by, except the four old doors of the temple. This is yet another wonderful monument to explore while enjoying your tour in China.

Among the most important reasons travelers who tour China explore the Tibet is because it is home to one of the holiest Buddhism pilgrimage sites. There are several interesting monuments in this area. One of the most remarkable monuments in the Tibet is the Potala Palace; the residence of the Dalai lamas for many years and was once the highest building in the world. The palace is famous for its quite distinctive architecture and layout.

Another quite astonishing monuments tourists who spend their vacations in China are keen to explore is the Golden Monastery. This is not only because of its wonderful architecture and significant historical importance, but also because it offers superb views of the whole area at more than 14,000 feet height.

An important landmark in the contemporary architecture and history of the Tibet is Gyantse Dzong. This was where a severe battle between the Tibetans and the British troops took place at the beginning of the 20th century. Today, a number of travelers who tour China visit this fort.

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