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The Sanctuary of Fatima in Portugal

The Sanctuary of Fátima, or the Sanctuary of Our Lady, consists of a large complex of Catholic religious’ buildings located in Ourém in Portugal.

There is in fact quite an interesting story behind the construction of this complex. The Sanctuary of Fátima, turned out today to be one of the most important touristic highlights which tourists who spend their vacations in Portugal are keen to explore.

The story tells that in 1916, three young girls began seeing the apparitions of an angle. Afterwards, with the increase of the apparitions, many people began visiting the area of Fatima to view these angles. However, afterwards, these three girls were jailed for causing political instability.

Although these apparitions stopped in 1917, the area began being a popular site for pilgrimage afterwards. The people began struggling with the security forces and they were able successfully to lay the first foundation of a huge complex in 1928. With time passing by the Sanctuary of Fatima was built and became a major landmark commonly visited by many tourists who travel to Portugal.

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