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The Rumeli Fortress

Located in Istanbul, the Rumeli Fortress is one of the distinctive historical sites included in several tours to Turkey. It was established by Sultan Mohamed El Fateh around the middle of the 15th century and he utilized it as a stronghold for all his conquests especially that of Constantinople.

Among the amazing facts about this impressive fortress is that although it was only built during 4 months. This is despite the fact that its walls are 82 meters of height. Today, it is among the highlights commonly visited by many tourists who travel to Turkey.

When the Ottomans took control of Constantinople, the fortress was used as a jail and an important checkpoint. Unfortunately, the Rumeli Fortress witnessed large destructions. However, it remained as a significant Ottoman military establishment until the 19th century. Today, it was transformed into a museum that welcomes many tourists enjoying their vacations in Turkey.   

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