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The Remarkable Historical Islamic Establishments of Turkey

When the Ottomans took control of Turkey around the middle of the 16th century, they were able to found a strong empire that occupied large regions of the old world and had many marvelous Islamic structures built in Turkey and elsewhere.

Honestly speaking, there are quite several wonderful historical mosques in Turkey. There isn’t a city with no Ottoman style mosques with marvelous decorations. However, there are some historical mosques that never should be missed by travelers who tour Turkey.

A great example of this concept is the Blue Mosque of Sultan Ahmed. Located in Istanbul overlooking Hagia Sophia, the mosque was constructed in the 17th century. With its domes, minarets, and extensive decorations, tourists who travel to Turkey should never miss it.

The Mosque of Suleymaniye was constructed by Suleiman the Magnificent around the middle of the 16th century. The famous Ottoman Sultan build this great mosque featured with its amazing huge open courtyard, marble pillars, and beautiful decorations.

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