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The Philae Temple in Aswan

One of the major highlights of Aswan and a very charming ancient temple in Egypt, the Temple of Philae was mainly constructed in the 3rd and 4th centuries. Most of what we see today was established in the 4th century by Nectanebo I. Today, Philae Temple is one of the most interesting places tourists who visit Egypt explore.

Derived from the word Philo in the Greek language, the word Philae means love or the beloved. The rest of the temple of Philae was constructed by the Ptolemais in the 3rd century BC. Many tourists who travel to Egypt are keen to explore the Temple.

The Temple of Philae was relocated after the construction of the High Dam in 1960s after a large project headed by the UNESCO. The temple was cut into pieces, numbered, transferred, and rebuilt on the Agilikia Island, the current location of the temple.

Tourists enjoying their vacations in Egypt would take a boat to reach the island. The first thing they view is a large open courtyard full of huge and marvelously decorated columns. Afterwards there is the first quite impressive pylon. There are also many wonderful elements in the temple that astonish tourists.

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