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The Peles Castle in Romania

Situated at the bottom of the Bucegi Mountains, the Peles Castle is one of the most distinguished monuments of Romania. Located in the town of Sinaia, the Peles Castle was constructed by King Carol in 1873. Today, the palace is one of the most popular historical places to explore in Europe.

The Peles Palace is considerably huge. It contains more than 150 various rooms, chambers, and halls. The Peles Castle hosts a marvelous blend of German arts and designs. The things to watch in the castle include chandeliers, wonderful German stained glass windows, and much much more.

The Peles Castle is the first establishment in Europe to be lit with the usage of electricity. The furniture of the castle is also quite remarkable with Turkish salons, paintings, and many other elements. There is also the impressive Theatre Hall which hosted many renowned artists from all over Europe.

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