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The National Mosque of Malaysia

Located in Kuala Lumpur, the National Mosque of Malaysia is the largest in the country. With a surface area that exceeds 53 thousand square meters, the mosque can accommodate more than 15 thousand worshipers. It is also among the highlight of the city commonly visited by a large number of tourists who visit Malaysia.

Constructed in 1965, the National Mosque of Malaysia has two main unique features. There is the distinctive minaret that is 73 meters long and the main roof of the mosque that is made out of concrete with its 16 pointed stars. Many tourists who spend their vacations in Malaysia admire these architectural details.

Other highlights of Kuala Lumpur include the Petronas Twin Tower, Kings Palace, the National Monument, and Sultan Abdul Samad Building. A visit to the city is a must for any tourists spending their vacations in Malaysia.

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