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The Museum of Islamic Art

Cairo hosts a huge number of museums. A city with such a long diverse history surely has a lot to display. Among the interesting, there is the Museum of Islamic Art. Many tourists who travel to Egypt are fond of its history, monuments and museums.

After richly restored for several years, the Museum of Islamic Art was reopened in 2012 and now welcomes hundreds of tourists spending their vacations in Egypt.

With a large variety of displays from different periods of the Egyptian history, there are several Mashrabeya screens, one of the most distinctive types of Islamic art. There are also many pieces of Minbars’ decorations gathered from many mosques around the country. There are also many collections of cloth, wooden works, rare versions of the Quran, tiles, carpets, and lamps.

There are also a large number of Turkish and Persian ceramics and tiles, a selection of manuscripts and books, and a large number of rugs and carpets.

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