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The Mosque of the Caliphs in Cordoba

The Mosque of the Caliphs in Cordoba is surely one of the most astonishing monuments travelers who tour Spain commonly visit. Located in the city of Cordoba, this historical mosque-church is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It is interesting to know that the origins of this distinctive complex goes back to ancient times. It was first a temple, then a mosque, then a church. Today, it would of the most wonderful highlights included in several Spain travel packages.

During the 8th century, the Moslems took control of large areas of Spain. Afterward, they divided the space between Moslems and Christians. In less than 30 years, the Mosque of the Caliphs was constructed when Abdel Raham I bought the lands of the Christian Romans and built this impressive mosque.

There are many several architectural elements that characterize the Mosque of Cordoba or the mosque-church of Cordoba. There are the wonderful coloredarches, the stone capitals, the distinctive bell tower, the gates, the wall decorations, and many other elements. 

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