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The Mosque of Mohamed Ali in the Saladin Citadel

When one mention two such significant figures generally in the Arab World, particulary in Egypt, we must be talking about an impressive historical place and quite a popular monument both for tourists and Egyptians.

Constructed more than 1000 years ago, Saladin built his remarkable fort on a high cliff in Egypt to protect the country against any foreign attacks. In fact, the citadel became the seat of the government in Egypt for centuries afterwards.

Around 800 years afterwards, Mohamed Ali, the founder of modern Egypt according to many historians established his mosque inside the citadel. There are many several notable features like the marble used in the floor and the walls, the ornamented half domes, and the Turkish outlines of construction which Mohamed Ali brought from the Ottoman Empire.

A visit to the citadel and the mosque of Mohamed Ali is included in all classical tours to Egypt. Tourists who enjoy their vacations in Egypt have a great time exploring the citadel as one of the most amazing constructed in the Middle Ages.

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