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The Monastery of Saint Antony in Egypt

Christianity entered Egypt as early as the 1st century AD. This was when one of the 12 Apostles resorted to the country and presented the new religion to the Egyptians. Today, Egypt hosts millions of Christian Copts and various Christian monuments that grab the attention of many tourists who spend their vacation in Egypt.

There are several historical monasteries in Egypt which are always worth a visit. A great example is the Monastery of Saint Antony which is the most ancient monastery all over the country. With its remote location, around 50 kilometers to the West of the Red Sea coastal city of Zaafrana, the Monastery managed to preserve its charm and beauty throughout time.  

As many monasteries and churches in Egypt, there is an interesting story behind its establishment. It is said that Antony, an Egyptian young man who converted to Christianity escaped to the mountains. Afterwards, some of his companions established this impressive monastery over his small tomb.

Featured with being one of the biggest historical monasteries in Egypt, the monastery managed to preserve many original elements including the impressive towers and marvelous interior design and decorations. Many tourists who spend their vacations in Egypt are interested in the Christian monuments of the country.

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