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The medieval town of Gdansk in Poland

Gdansk is one of the most distinctive places to explore in Poland. Can you imagine going on a journey through time in the Middle Ages? The major routes and streets are still in the same place as they were hundreds of years ago.

Gdansk was factually the largest port town in Europe more than 500 years ago. The activities mainly revolved around the harbor and tradesmen from all over Europe visiting the town to take care of their ships full of various good and commodities. Today Gdansk attracts hundreds of tourists who visit Poland.

Among the most interesting sections of Gdansk is the city hall. Constructed around the end of the 14th century, the city hall is an important center that was established by the Teutonic warriors. There is also the popular Neptun Fountain, the impressive Mariacki Chrurch, and many other attractions that are included in several tour packages to Poland.

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