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The Jeronimos Monastery in Portugal

The Jeronimos Monastery is one of the most remarkable landmarks of Lisbon, Portugal. The monastery represents a marvelous example of the traditional Portuguese Gothic outlines and decorations. A visit to the Jerónimos Monastery is commonly included in many travel packages to Portugal.

Included in the list of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1983, the entrance to the monastery is featured with its huge size being 32 meters high and 12 meters wide. These impressive constructions amaze tourists The Jerónimos Monastery spend their holidays in Portugal.

The Jerónimos Monastery is famous for hosting main distinctive portraits and icons. There is for example the scenes of the birth of the Christ which are located inside the tympanum. These portraits grab the attention of many tourists who travel to Portugal.

The monastery itself consisting of a square that is 55 x 55 meters is characterized by its cloister style which is quite notable. The Jerónimos Monastery is a magnificent example of the Gothic constructions at the time.

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