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The Islamic Monuments of Cairo

Nicknamed as the city of 1000 minarets, Cairo, the Egyptian capital, hosts a large variety of different Islamic establishments. The various Islamic buildings constructed in Egypt include mosques, Madrasa or Islamic teachings’ schools, Sabil that offers water for the poor, and Khanqah, the place where students live to focus on their studying. The Islamic monuments of Cairo grab the attention of many travelers who tour Egypt.

Perhaps the most marvelous Islamic monument in Cairo is the Mosque of Mohamed Ali in the Saladin Citadel. Constructed around the middle of the 19th century, Mohamed Ali wanted to have a mosque similar to those in Turkey. This is why his mosque is featured with its pencil shaped minaret, rich alabaster decorations, various domes and half-domes, and the clock of the mosque.

There is also the Mosque of Amr ibn Al Aas, which is the first mosque to be built in Egypt and in Africa. Although almost all the features of the original mosque were lost with time passing by, it still holds its own charm. Many tourists who travel to Egypt are keen to explore the Islamic monuments of Cairo.

Other remarkable Islamic monuments of Cairo include the Mosque of Sultan Hassan, the most magnificent architectural achievement of the Mamluks, the distinctive Mosque of Ahmed ibn Tulun, and the Mosque of Al Hakim, the largest and most impressive establishments of the Fatimids in Egypt.

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