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The Islamic Historical Treasures of Cairo

Nicknamed as the city with the thousand minarets, Cairo has quite a distinguished variety of Islamic monuments. Ranging from Mosques, Madrasa for Islamic teachings, Sabil for offering water in the past, and Khanqah where Sufis used to reside. Many Islamic monuments of Cairo are included in various Egypt travel packages.

The most wonderful historical mosque of Cairo is perhaps the Mosque of Mohamed Ali in the Saladin Citadel. Constructed around 1850s, the mosque is famous for its Turkish styles of architecture, alabaster coating, and the inner domes and half domes.

Another mosque that is always worth a visit in Cairo is the Mosque of Ahmed ibn Tulun. Constructed more than 1000 years ago, it is the most ancient mosque in Cairo that preserved almost all its original architectural elements. A visit to the mosque is quite recommended to any tourists who travel to Egypt and who is fond of Islamic monuments.

The list of Islamic historical sites in Cairo is limitless. However, we have to mention the Mosque of Sultan Hassan, the greatest achievements of the Mamluks in Egypt, the Mosque of Al Hakim, the most glorious Islamic establishments of the Fatimids, and the Mosque of Amr ibn Al Aas, the first mosque to be erected in Egypt and in Africa.

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