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The Historical Monastery of Saint Antony in Egypt

Copts, in the ancient Greek language is actually derived from a word that means Egyptian. It was during the 1st century AD, when Saint Mark, one of the Apostles, came to spread Christianity in Egypt. Since that time, and until today, the Egyptian Copts had many remarkable establishments that still grab the attention of tourists who travel to Egypt.

The Monastery of St. Antony was the first to be established in Egypt. Situated inside the Eastern Desert of Egypt, the Monastery of Saint Antony is located around 100 kilometers to the South West of Al Ain El Sokhna and around 200 kilometers to the North East of Cairo.

The monastery was founded by Saint Antony who lived in that exact location all by himself when he became an orphan before he was 16 years old.  Several followers of Saint Antony continued operating it until today. Famous for its wonderful 13th century original motifs and ornaments, a visit to the monastery is a must for anyone interested in the distinctive Coptic monuments of Egypt.

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