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The Highlights of Cairo

Cairo, the Egyptian capital, is one of the most interesting cities around the world. With a population that exceeds more than 15 million inhabitants, it is the largest city in Africa and the Arab World. Established more than 1000 years ago with civilization flourishing there as early as the 26th century BC, Cairo enjoys a distinctive blend of monuments and cultures. Being the cultural, political, and economic hub of the country, almost all Egypt travel packages begin in Cairo.

There are several monuments that tourists who travel to Egypt should never miss during their visit to Cairo. With numerous interesting historical and remarkable sites, travelers should know the major attractions to be keen to explore them during their trip to Egypt.

The Pyramids of Giza comes first in the list. One of the Old Seven Wonders of the World, the Pyramids of Giza are among the most famous and renowned monuments around the world. Constructed during the 26th century BC, these huge accurately built structures served as the royal toms of the kings of Egypt at this period. A visit to the pyramids is quite essential for any tourists enjoying their holidays in Egypt.

Another notable place to be explored in Cairo is the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities. Imagine moving around the largest collection of Pharaonic monuments in the whole world. With more than 120 thousand displays, the museum also hosts the magnificent golden collection of King Tut Amun, the collection of Akhenaten, and the Mummies Hall. Never miss the chance to visit the museum during your trip to Egypt.

The Saladin Citadel in Cairo is quite impressive. Constructed by the famous Arabian king and army leader, Saladin Al Ayouby, the citadel acted as an important defending point and army stronghold. Afterwards various constructions were built within its fortified walls. The highlight and the heart of the citadel today is the charming Mosque of Mohamed Ali, constructed by the founder of modern Egypt in the 19th century following the Ottoman style and outlines of architecture. Other interesting places inside the citadel include the Military Museum, the Police Museum, and the Mosque of Al Nasser Mohamed. The citadel welcomes hundreds of tourists who enjoy their holidays in Egypt every day.

Khan El Khalili, founded during the 14th century in the ruling period of the Mamluks, it is considered one of the largest and most impressive touristic markets all over the world. Tourists who travel to Egypt can purchase numerous goods and souvenirs including silver, gold, wooden products, copper, brass, mother of pearl, alabaster, oriental musical instruments, spices, herbs, Shisha, belly dancing outfits, and much much more!

In Cairo, there are many places to explore. For those who are fond of the ancient Egyptian civilization, there is Saqqara, one of the richest historical sites in Egypt. The Step Pyramid of Djoser is the heart. However, there are many other interesting tombs and pyramids. There is also Memphis, the first capital of unified Egypt. It now hosts a remarkable open-air museum. Dahshur is another example of a magnificent ancient Egyptian site with several pyramids. While in Cairo, tourists spending their vacations in Egypt should organize their stay very well to get the max out of it!