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The Highlights of Al Fayoum in Egypt

Located around 120 kilometers to the South West of Cairo, the Egyptian capital, Al Fayoum is one of the most distinctive Egyptian destinations. Despite the fact Al Fayoum is not included in many travel packages to Egypt, there are a number of remarkable historical sites and natural areas that are always worth exploring.

First, there are a number of notable pyramids in Al Fayoum. There is the Pyramids of Hawara. It was built by Amenemhet who ruled over Egypt around 1850 B.C. There is also the Pyramid of Lahun. Constructed by king Senusert II in the 12th dynasty. This is in addition to the Pyramid of Meidum which was built by Senefru, the builder of the first proper ancient Egyptian pyramid in Dahshur.

Other ancient sites in Al Fayoum include the impressive fine preserved temple of Madinet Madi. This wonderful ancient temple was established during the periods of kings Amenemhat III and Amenemhat from the end of the 18th century till the middle of the 19th century BC.

There are also some other places that are always wonderful to visit in Al Fayoum. The list includes Wadi Al Rayan Protected Area, with the only real waterfalls in Egypt. There is also Qasr Qarun, some obelisks, the Valley of the Whale, and many other amazing sites.

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