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The Finest Islamic Monuments in Egypt

Egypt is one of the countries that enjoys hosting a huge number of Islamic monuments. When Amr ibn El Aas, the famous Moslem army commander, entered Egypt in the 8th century AD, the country began a whole new phase of its history.

Each and every Islamic dynasty that ruled over Egypt left its own unique architectural contribution to the country, beginning with the early days of Islam and ending with the family of Mohamed Ali, the founder of modern Egypt. Today many tourists who travel to Egypt are keen to explore these remarkable Islamic constructions. We would be highlighting some of the most remarkable historical mosques in Egypt.

The Mosque of Amr ibn El Aas

The Mosque of Amr ibn Al Aas is the first mosque to be built in Egypt and the whole African continent. It was constructed in 642 AD after the Moslems conquered Egypt and established their first capital in the country that was called Al Fustat. Several tourists who spend their vacations in Egypt explore such wonderful Islamic monuments.

Unfortunately, the mosque that we view today has nothing remaining from the original structure except that it was built on the same piece of land. However, travelers who enjoy their vacations in Egypt still visit it due to its historical significance, some of the notable architectural elements, and for its spiritual importance.

The Mosque of Ahmed ibn Tulun 

The third mosque to be built in Egypt and the most ancient mosque in the land of the Nile that preserved many of its original elements. Featured with its amazing Islamic architecture and ornaments that are hard to be found anywhere else, the mosque is commonly visited by many travelers who spend their holidays in Egypt.

The mosque was founded by Ahmed ibn Tulun when he established his dynasty in Egypt in the 9th century AD. The construction works of the mosque began in 876 and it was completed in 879. Imagine that this magnificent Islamic structure maintained most of its remarkable elements for more than 1100 years. This is the main reason why several travelers who tour Egypt visit the mosque.


The Mosque of Al Hakim

One of the oldest and most remarkable historical mosques of Egypt, the Mosque was constructed by Al Hakim Be Amr Allah in 1012 AD. Al Hakim himself was subject to various debates. It was said that he forced the shops' owners to open their stores at night instead of the morning.

Back to his mosque, it is one of the largest historical mosques of Egypt. With the length of 120 meters and a width of 113 meters, the mosque is featured with its minarets, the oldest standing in Egypt with magnificent Fatimid formation and ornaments, the stone decorations at the facade, this is in addition to the charming marble floor of the Sahn, the open courtyard.

The Mosque of Al Sultan Hassan

If the Pharaohs built the pyramids, the Mamluks constructed the Mosque of Al Sultan Hassan. Established in the middle of the 14th century, the mosque is considered the jewel of the architectural achievements of the Mamluks in Egypt. Several travelers who tour Egypt enjoy visiting the mosque during their trip to Cairo.

The huge measurements of the mosque of Al Sultan Hassan made it one of the largest and most impressive in the whole world. With a surface area of around 8000 square meters, the mosque is characterized by its high walls being 150 meters at the top. The Qibla Iwan of the mosque is a master piece of Islamic art with the wonderful ornaments of the Mihrab and the Minbar being among the most amazing in Egypt.