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The City of Rabat in Morocco

Established around the middle of the 12th century by Almohad dynasty kings, Rabat became the capital of the country and one of the most important economic and cultural hubs in the region of Northern Africa. Rabat is also included in many travel packages to Morocco.

One of the remarkable historical sites of Rabat is surely Challah. Founded in the 6th century BC, the small town of Challah evolved greatly over time especially during the ruling period of the Romans. This was when many impressive constructions were built.  Today this ancient site welcomes hundreds of tourists who enjoy their vacations in Morocco.

Another significant attraction of the city of Rabat is the Mausoleum of Mohamed V. Constructed in 1961 for the former king of Morocco. The mausoleum is featured with its marvelous white marble works, decorated domes, and many other ornaments. A visit to the mausoleum is included in many tours to Morocco.

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