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The City of Marsa Matrouh in Egypt

Located around 300 kilometers to the West of Alexandria, Marsa Matrouh hosts some of the best beaches of Egypt. Although not located on the touristic map, many travelers who visit Egypt are encouraged to explore Marsa Matrouh.

Simply, Marsa Matrouh has the only theme beaches in the land of the Nile. The city has some of the most amazing resorts one could imagine. Therefore, everything related to Marsa Matrouh is actually associated with the sea.

There is for example the Ageeba, or the wondrous featured with its rock surrounded beach forming a magnificent view. There is also Cleopatra Beach with its two large rocks, although there are no historical records of the presence of the queen in that location. Tourists who spend their vacations in Egypt are usually fond of the beaches of the country.

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