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The Church of Transfiguration in Russia

The Church of Transfiguration, or Kizhi Pogost as said in the Russian language, is a magnificent historical site that dates back to the 17th century. Many tourists who travel to Russia are keen to explore the monuments of the country.

In fact, there are two large churches made out of wood inside this complex called Kizhi Pogost, located on the Kizhi island. The first is the famous Transfiguration Church and the Intercession Church. This is besides an old impressive bell tower. The complex grabs the attention of several travelers who spend their vacations in Russia.

Although all the constructions inside the complex are made of wood, they have distinctive elements that motived the UNESCO to add this historical site to its world heritage sites in 1990. It is also considered a Russian heritage site.

The Church of the Transfiguration is the most important highlight of the complex. It was constructed in 1714 and some old tales state that the church was built using only one axe that workers used to share. Many tourists who visit Russia admire the marvelousness of the two wooden built churches.
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