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The Church of Saint Sava

The Church of Saint Sava, or the Tempe of Saint Sava, is a historical Orthodox church situated in Belgrade in Serbia. The construction of the church is huge and imposing. The Church of Saint Sava is one of the largest churches all over the world.

The church is established and dedicated to the founder of the Serbian Orthodox Church, Saint Sava. In fact, scholars assert that the church was constructed over the area which witnessed the burning of his remained at the end of the 16th century.

The architecture of the Church of Saint Sava is featured with its huge central dome and other semi domes around it. With each semi-dome hosting a gallery beneath it, the central dome is quite impressive as it is more than 82 meters high. There are numerous architectural elements at the Church of Saint Sava that grab the attention of various tourists who travel to Serbia.

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