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The Chinese Tea

The Chinese tea is popular and one of the most authentic around the world.Some legends seconded by several historians asserted that the first tea Chinese drank dates back to the 28 th century BC during the reign of ancient Emperor Shenong and he loved it. This happened when some leaves fell into boiling water by coincidence.This was how tea was discovered. Having a cup of Chinese tea is among the things travelers who tour China are usually keen to try.

Tea has always played a vital role in the culture and the customs of China. For example, when a girl used to accept marriage, she used to drink a cup of tea. It was known in China that if the girl accepts tea that she accepts engagement. In our modern days, the bride and the groom would kneel in front of their fathers and mothers and offer them tea to show gratitude. Offering tea to tourists who travel to China is also a common habit to show hospitality.

Moreover, in China, serving tea is a great sign of respect. As sons and daughters present tea to their fathers and grandfathers. Pouring tea on the other hand is considered a sort of an apology in the Chinese culture.All these reasons made tea one of the most favorite drinks tourists who visit China are excited to taste.

Unlike any other country in the rest of the world, Chinese do not add sugar or milk to the tea as it was long known for its benefits and nice taste.Chinese tea is famous for its wonderful affects reducing the risks of heart diseases and cancer.

Tea has also played an important role in the Chinese history. Can you imagine that bricks of tea were used the currency of the country? This is why tea was among the reasons some empire fell apart in various periods of Chinese history.The monuments of China are among the most important reasons why tourists travel to China from around theworld.

Some historians claim that tea was among the reasons behind the fall of the Song Empire. Their emperor, Huizong, was fond of tea and chatting with his friends in his royal court that he used to neglect quite vital matters like defense and preparing his army. This was why the Mongols defeated him at the end of the 13 th century and took control of the country leaving behind some remarkable historical sites that receive the admiration of many tourists who travel to China today.

The Chinese tea we know of today actually emerged with the establishment of the Ming Dynasty back in 1363 as the first Ming
Emperor, Hongwu, refused all forms of tea except loose-leaf tea. This is the type of tea tourists who spend their vacations in China enjoy during their trip nowadays.

The first to be interested in tea from outside China were sailors and navigators coming from Europe during the 16 th century.The first to import tea were the Dutch and this was back in the year 1610. Tea was marketed as a healthy drink. However, it took Europeans quite a while to get fond of it. By the middle of the 17 th century, Dutch and Portuguese began loving tea as one of the most popular drinks.