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The Chapel of the Bones in Portugal

The Chapel of the Bones is one of the most distinctive historical site in Portugal, and perhaps the whole world. Situated in the city of Evora, the chapel is rather small in its size. However, many travel packages to Portugal include a visit to this matchless chapel.

The most unique feature of the Chapel of the Bones is it all, from the inside, designed and made out of human bones! Established around the 16th century, the chapels materialize the concept of the various transitions of life. This is why it is all created by different types of bones and skulls.

The surface area of the Chapel of the Bones is around 200 Sqm. Another amazing feature is that the source of light for the chapel comes from small openings in three different places around it. It is said that more than 5000 skeletons were used to create such exceptional place.

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