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The Chapel Bridge in Switzerland

Located in Lucerne at the middle of Switzerland, the Chapel Bridge is not simply a wooden roofed bridge. It is probably among the oldest bridges in the country that dates back to the 14th century. It is also the oldest wooden bridge in Europe.

This is among the reasons why it became an important touristic attraction many tourists who travel to Switzerland are keen to explore. The other reason is that the Chapel Bridge has some magnificent wooden paintings all over it.

Spanning over the River Reuss, the Chapel Bridge also compromises the Water Tower, this octagonal shaped structure that more than 30 meters in height. Historical records affirm that the tower was constructed around 25 years before the bridge.

Nevertheless, the most magnificent feature of the Chapel Bridge is different paintings that were created during the 17th century. Each block of wood holds a painting which illustrates a scene from medieval Europe. Many travel packages to Switzerland contains a visit to the famous Chapel Bridge.

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