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The Cathedral of Lisbon

The Cathedral of Lisbon is one of the oldest buildings in Portugal. Constructed around the middle of the 12th century, this Roman Catholic church is one of the historical highlights travelers who tour Portugal are keen to explore.

An army of Portuguese soldiers took control of Lisbon in the middle of the 12th century after more than 350 years of Moslem ruling over this region. The constructed the Cathedral of Lisbon to be their worship place and now it is one of the most important landmarks of several travel packages to Portugal.

Constructed in the Latin style of architecture, the Cathedral of Lisbon consists of a main chapel connected to three aisles. The cathedral is featured with its fortress like façade that is flanked by two huge towers.

Tourists who visit Portugal from all over the globe explore the Cathedral of Lisbon to admire these architectural elements. Hard to be found anywhere else, the style and the decorations of the cathedral is a rare example of this type of architecture in that period in Portugal.