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The Basilica of Virgin of Montserrat in Spain

This is perhaps one of the most distinctive places to explore in the region of Catalonia in Spain. For the first time, this is not about the impressive basilica itself, but about a certain statue positioned inside the basilica.

The story of the famous statue began in probably in the 12th century. Some historians assert that it has been created, out of the finest types of wood, in Jerusalem. The statue is of one of the black maddonas of Europe. Many people from around the world believe that it has the ability to create miracles.

This incredibly unique statue is only around one meter in height, exactly 95 centimeters. Carved in wood and coated in polychrome, the statue contains many Byzantine features. This includes the design itself and outlines. Many travel packages to Spain include a visit to the Basilica of Virgin of Montserrat in Catalonia.

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