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The Attractions of Shanghai

Shanghai is one of the most remarkable Chinese cities that are commonly included in various travel packages to China. The heart of the city enjoys having the Huangpu River dividing it with all its magnificent natural scenery. Central Shanghai, as locals prefer to call it, is now the most modern section of the city and the financial hub of Shanghai. This neighborhood is also called Pudong situated on the Eastern section of the Huangpu River.

To the west of the river, in a huge contradiction, there is the old section of the city, Puxi, which is linked to the other side, Pudong, by three tunnels, subways, and various ferries. Shanghai is among the cities tourists who spend their vacations in China are encouraged to explore.

One of the interesting places to explore in Puxi is the old city of Shanghai. This once great historical town used to have impressive defensive walls and many large sections. This is one of the places where travelers who tour China would get a taste of the history of Shanghai. Constructed in the middle of the 16th century, the city wall of Shanghai is a remarkable monument. This fortified walls were established to protect the city against the attacks of Japanese pirates. Although most of the walls fell off at the beginning of the 20th century, one section is still impressive. This is where many travelers enjoying their vacations in China would go.

The only remaining section of the walls of the old city of Shanghai is around 50 meters in length. Tourists enjoying their holidays in China may walk and discover this section. At the end, there is an interesting yet small museum illustrating the history of the oldest section of Shanghai.

Those who are fond of greenery and natural scenes would surely enjoy their visit to the Yu Garden. This old center used to be the gathering point of locals where they socially interact, buy, and sell products during the 18th century. Today, with its famous traditional red tiles, it has become a simple yet charming touristic attraction explored by several travelers who enjoy their holidays in China. The garden was in fact built during the middle of the 16th century by the Ming Dynasty. When it was completed, after 19 years of construction and rebuilding works, Yu Garden became the most wonderful garden in Southeastern China. Unfortunately, the French forces destroyed some of its parts during the First Opium War. However, there are many sections today that are worth visiting by travelers touring China who spend two or three days in Shanghai.

Constructed during the ruling period of the Ming Dynasty, the period which witnessed the most flourishing era of the history of Shanghai, the Temple of the City God is another notable monument in the city. Restored and rebuilt many times during the 20th century, the temple is featured with its remarkable golden ornaments. Another old temple is located in the old district of Shanghai. Built in the 17th century, Chen Xiangge Buddhism Temple is a small simple monument that grabs the attention of few tourists who enjoy their holidays in China.