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The Ancient Town of Volubilis in Morocco

Volubilis is surely one of the most distinctive historical sites of Morocco. Established around the beginning of the 3rd century BC, Volubilis was a simple town for tribes and primitive activities. At the 1st century BC, the town went through a huge period of development. Today, it is commonly included in various travel packages to Morocco.

Many of the antiquities tourists who visit Morocco view today in Volubilis dates to the Roman period. Located near Meknes, the town was established as a Roman Center and around the 3rd century AD, some local tribes, the Amazigh, took control of it.  

The most wonderful ruins of Volubilis include many mosaic works and floors, the Arch of Caracalla, Roman olive press, the Capitoline Temple, and the Basilica of Volubilis. Tourists who enjoy their holidays in Morocco would visit Volubilis for its significant historical value and many various monuments.

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