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The Ancient Town of Memphis in Egypt

Egypt is the lands of ancient history and civilizations. More than thousands of years ago, the ancient Egyptians began establishing their civilizations. Many dynasties have ruled over the land of the Nile with each of them founding their own capital. However, Memphis would always remain the first capital of Egypt of all time.

More than 5000 years ago, King Menes, or Narmar as many historians assert, managed to unify Southern and Northern Egypt to become one kingdom. He chose a place to the south of Giza today, at the end of the Nile Valley and at the beginning of the Nile Delta, to establish Memphis, his new capital.

Many tourists who visit Egypt would go explore Memphis. Nevertheless, all the monuments located in Memphis today date back to the reign of the New Kingdom. The most magnificent displays of the Open-air Museum of Memphis today include the huge colossi of Ramses II, the alabaster sphinx, statues of goddess Hathour, and many other wonderful exhibits.

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