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Shopping in China

A country with such diverse cultural blends and various trends and customs, the markets of China are quite interesting and offers magnificentshopping opportunities. Despite that that most Chinesemarkets are quite crowded, they are great for brilliant shoppers and tourists who come from all over the globe to spend their vacations in China.

Although department store and malls started spreading in China, like any other place around the world, and become popular among the richest Chinese people, the traditional markets are still the best. They are the best place for travelers who tour China to mingle with the locals, taste the Chinese culture, and see how Chinese bargain and deal in shops.Some markets in China are specialized in selling certain products or trends. On the other hand, many markets as well offer a large variety of goods and commodities. Markets play a vital role in the lives of the Chinese. Travelers who enjoy their vacations in China enjoy their shopping experiences in the country as well.Among the most appealing items to be bought in China are pearls. Taihu is one of the regions of China where freshwater pearls grow. On the other hand, sea pearls sold in China are usually imported from Japan or the Southern section of the country. With magnificent distinctivedesigns, pearls’ bracelets and necklaces are among the best souvenirs travelers spending their vacations in China would buy.Several minority groups in China offer wonderful gifts and souvenirs.An example would be the bright colored skirts produced and old in Miao region. There are also the famous heavy jewelry of Yunnan and their renowned colored children shoes. Tourists who travel to China are encouraged to buy such wonderful gifts.

Chinese are usually proud of their leaders and rulers. This is why the image of Mao and his red guards are to be found on several bags,badges, watches, and many other several items. These would make wonderful gifts and souvenirs for tourists who visit China.Silk products are of course among the most marvelous things to be bought from China. Many wonderful designs of silk clothes are spread in markets all over the country. There are numerous pieces of silk items produced into slipper, skirts, dresses, shirts, and much more. Silk is one of the most magnificent things tourists who spend their holidays in China are usually keen to purchase.

It wouldn’t be a good idea to go shopping in China during weekends.Unless you go early in the morning between 8 and 10 AM or before sunset between 5 and 6 PM, Chinese markets are usually quite crowded with hundreds of shoppers.
In order to get the best prices for your good and souvenirs in China, thefirst thing you need to do is to identify the price you are willing to pay for a certain item. Point out to this item you wish to purchase. Usually the vendor would show you the price in a calculator. Tourists who travel to China should seem shocked at that moment and offer 60 to 75% of the prices offered by the vendor at the shop. The vendor and the seller would go into negotiations until they reach somewhere in the middle where both are satisfied.