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Safety of tourists in Egypt after the revolution

Egypt tour, as one of the most ancient civilizations throughout history and one of the leading countries in the Middle East in the 21stcentury, has never witnessed such political events to be compared to what occurred in the period between the 25thof January and the 11thof February 2011.

It all started with the revolution of the people against a governing regime that has been dominating the country for the past 30 years. Nobody believed that this revolution would have this deep impact in such a short period. In 18 days, the people of Egypt forced their president, Mohamed Hosny Mubarak, to step down in the 11thof February in an event that rarely reoccurs in the Egyptian history.

We have to agree that the 25thof January Egyptian revolution had many positive impacts on the Egyptian society and economy. The most important achievement is that it was able to stop the corruption that was spread in the governmental sector for years stealing all the rights of the citizens to have a good life.

Thank god, everything now is moving into the right direction towards a more justice society and government. Together with the trial of Mubarak, his two sons, and Habib Al Adly, the minister of interior affairs, and many corrupted governmental officials, the situation in Egypt is getting more and more stable every day.

Tourism was one of the sectors that were mostly affected because of the Egyptian revolution. The large number of tourists who usually used to visit Egypt during the first half of the year, from January to June, decreased immensely because of the events taking place in the land of the Nile. However, step by step, the tourism business has gradually started to breathe once again in Egypt as some tourists who love the land of the Nile and know that things are getting more stable started visiting the land of the Pharaohs once again.

Many questions rise in the head of any traveler wishing to visit Egypt during this period. Is it safe for me and my family to visit Egypt in such a period? Will I enjoy my vacation in Egypt now?

If you ask these questions to any person working in the Egyptian tourism or any Egyptians they would confirm that the tourists are completely safe in Egypt , all historical sites and museums are operating with regular working hours, and all roads and transportation means are perfectly secured. In fact all these answers are concretely true.

However, we thought nobody would give us a realistic true point of view more than travelers who visited Egypt during the past period as they are the ones who truly witnessed Egypt wearing its new robe.

We will start with tourists who visited Egypt, with Right Travel, just after the revolution in March 2011. All of them asserted that all their worries concerning their trip to Egypt were eliminated as they arrived in Cairo.

"I must say that my reservations about traveling to Egypt were eliminated from the very first when we were met in Cairo " one of the guests said as he went on the "10 Day Egypt in Depth tour" , visiting Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan, noting how safe he and his family felt in Egypt and how the Egyptians generally, and the Right Travel team in particular were friendly and most supportive.

This guest has also sent an invitation to all the peoples of the world to visit Egypt at that period when he said " It is a shame that more people are not traveling world over to Egypt as so much of their economy on the Nile stems from it. " and he added that his tours were less crowded and much more enjoyable during this period.

Another traveler who visited Egypt during March 2011 spoke about how he enjoyed his Nile Cruise and how everything was so perfect that he greatly enjoyed his time, "thanks again for everything you did, the trip was a real dream"

This guest went on the "15 Day Egypt Grand Circle Tour" and he spent 7 nights on the Nile Cruise between Aswan and Luxor and 5 nights in Cairo as well and he enjoyed his time very much in the land of the Nile.

In April 2011, even more guests from the United States have visited Egypt through Right Travel. One of the guests who went on a custom tour of Egypt that was tailored especially for him asserted that he felt completely safe and that he and his wife have truly enjoyed their time in Egypt . He has noted "We were well taken care of and our trip was one of the best we have ever experienced." This proofs that this period is a good time to visit Egypt.

Another guest who went on the "10 Day Egypt in Depth tour" confirmed how safe he felt in Egypt as he noted that he wanted to explore Egypt on his own style and walked around the land of the Nile freely and sometimes unescorted by the Right Travel team. " Egypt is very safe to go, I can walk around anywhere" .

This guest has also thanked the Right Travel team in Egypt as he enjoyed himself very much. "Right travel especially Egypt division is great! The group is very small. Everybody (from drivers, tour leaders, Egyptologists, etc) was professional and wonderful, they made me feel at home and took good care of all tourists."

In May 2011, a guest who went on the "11 Day Egypt Pharaonic Tour" showed how he enjoyed himself in Egypt. This guest in particular is a well experienced traveler as he went on five trips to Africa before and he noted that his trip to Egypt was quite safe and impressive" We felt very safe at all the sites. Of 5 trips to Africa your company by far has been the best ever. We have never been treated so kind. If we ever decide to take another trip to Egypt your company will be our first and only choice". These words assert that tourists who have visited Egypt during the period from March 2011 and until now felt perfectly safe in the land of the Nile.

The advantages of visiting the Middle East in general and Egypt in particular during this period of time were clearly expressed in the words of a guest who went on a Custom tour in Egypt and Jordan in May 2011. He said that he and his group felt quite safe in Egypt "Having just returned from an outstanding 3 weeks in Egypt & Jordan, (May 1-22), we think it is important to tell you that we felt 100% safe throughout our visit. Everything was great and there were no problems whatsoever".

This guest has also added that he spoke with many Egyptians and Jordanians during his visit to see how they think of the situation and to see whether it is really safe for Americans, or any other nationalities to visit the Middle East at the period and the answer was " they all echoed the same words: "Welcome. Thank you for coming to our country. We love America!"

Furthermore, the guest has pointed out how the prices of the tours would be fascinating during this period when he said "We know we received a great price from Right Travel , and we believe we could not have had a better experience had we used a higher priced travel company".

At the end of May, a guest who had many reservations and worries concerning his trip to Egypt stated, after finishing his "8 Day Egypt Classical Tour" , visiting Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan, that it was the right decision to go on the tour and that he feels very happy he never thought of canceling it. He added that the media in the western world only shows the negative events not shedding lights on how safe it is to be in Egypt during this period as he noted" Owing to numerous media reports since the revolution in February, we were very worried about the political situation in Egypt. Fortunately, the trip went off without a hitch. During every step of the journey, Right Travel personnel ensured that we experienced a safe, informative, and enjoyable visit ".

The guest has also encouraged all Americans to visit Egypt during this point in time saying "It is a shame that more people, especially those from the United States, are not visiting Egypt this year. Everywhere, we met friendly people and experienced short (or non-existent) lines."

Another example of a satisfied client is the guest who went on the "11 Day Egypt Pharaonic Tour" in June 2011. He stated that he was very happy he visited Egypt at this point in time and added "My trip to Egypt was "Awesome". Now, I am back to the U.S., I just wanted to let you know that I am SO glad that I went to Egypt at this time. I was supposed to visit Egypt with another organized group tour in April but it has been cancelled due to the Revolution in February. I was pretty lucky that I found Right Travel through Google Search. I immediately booked my Egypt tour on 05/06/11. I was concerned about safety in Egypt; however, Egypt was SAFE throughout my visit." These words would truly encourage any traveler to visit Egypt at this point in time.

Another guest who has planned a complex itinerary to visit Egypt in June 2011 urged all the people from all over the world and the Americans in specific to visit Egypt for two reasons. The first reason is that it would be very enjoyable to witness Egypt in this important phase and in the same time enjoy less crowded historical sites and much better travel deals with really competitive prices.

The second reason the guest has expressed is that anyone who loves Egypt would know that the land of the Nile depend greatly on the revenues of tourism as a major source of national income for the new government and for the people. He said "despite the current difficulties with the revolution in Egypt , which had no negative effects on us whatsoever. I encourage everyone to visit Egypt – they need our tourist revenue!"

All these marvelous experiences the tourists had in Egypt during the period from March 2011 till the end of July assert many facts. The first is that Egypt is safe to visit at any time as the Egyptian people are historically known for their kindness and friendliness with tourists and foreigners living in Egypt as Egyptians consider them as part of their own families. Many tourists noted that they never felt abroad when they visited Egypt and that they felt more safe than how they feel in their homeland.

There are a number of advantages to visit Egypt at this point of time. The first advantage is that the guest will have a great price in comparison with high tourism seasons in Egypt when prices would go considerably higher. The second is that all the historical sites, hotels, Nile Cruises would be much less crowded and the guests will have special care and attention during their tour. Imagine having the chance to take all the photographs you wish in historical sites without waiting for other guests to pass by in front of your camera.

All the tourists visiting trip to Egypt at this period agreed on one opinion that the Egyptian revolution and all the events that came afterwards and were associated with the revolution never affected their trip. This can be factually felt from their words "It was a great trip. I honestly had a wonderful time in Egypt " ," We intend to use Right Travel again for visits to the Red Sea and other parts of the world" , "The goodness and kindness we experienced made us feel good that we were able to make the trip"

Egyptians are always welcoming their guests at any time creating a safe and healthy atmosphere for anyone who wishes to explore the wonders of their country to feel at home in Egypt.

Visiting Egypt right now is highly recommended for Americans and many people from around the world to enjoy a new trip to Egypt that is built on justice, fairness, and equality.

These words can be echoed in many of the guests' comments who said "Now it is the best time to go to this ancient land. It is the once of the life time opportunities." Moreover another satisfied guest added "The people there were very welcoming, guiding was excellent and the sites were very accessible which created awesome opportunity to enjoy this beautiful country"

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By Seif Kamel