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Pont du Gard in France

The Pont du Gard is a historical bridge and aqueduct that passes the Gardon River in southern France. This ancient construction was built during the Roman era around the middle of the 1st century AD. Today it is one of the monuments included in many travel packages in France.

This aqueduct was the highest and the largest that was constructed in Roman times. This is why the UNESCO included this historical site in the World Heritage Sites since 1985. Many tourists who travel to France would visit the Pont du Gard to view its construction and for its historical values.

A known fact about the Romans is that they used to construct aqueducts throughout their empire. The reason why to supply water to places with no resources. They used this water in public bathing, farming, milling, drinking, and gardening. Among the most beautiful examples, there is the Pont du Gard in France

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