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Nairobi at Glance

Kenya tours Nairobi is considered to be among the largest cities in Africa as the population of the city is estimated to be more than 4 million people.

The name Nairobi is derived from the sentence Inkaraha Nairobi which means, according to the Massai language, the site of the cold water. This is because of the many rains the city gets exposed to in many seasons around the year.

The surface area Nairobi, located to the South East of the country, is around 150 square kilometers and the city is 1660 above the sea level.

Nairobi was founded in 1899 as a supply base for the railway connecting Uganda to the Indian Ocean and in particular to the city of Mombasa, the former capital of Kenya. Afterwards, in 1905, Nairobi became the capital of Kenya, considered to be the forth largest city in Africa nowadays.

The road leading from the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport to the center of Nairobi seems like a narrow black strip that was dug carefully on a green carpet with many tropical trees on both sides of the road.Although the traffic jams make the trip from the airport to the city center longer than it should, the trip is enjoyable.

The center of the city of Nairobi is dynamic and you feel the energy coming out of every single street and corner. This is a characteristic that seems rather natural for a city that is considered to be the largest city in Eastern Africa.

Nairobi has become a famous commercial and touristic center and many travelers coming for their vacation in Kenya have to pass by Nairobi for a night or two.
Most of the inhabitants of Nairobi, estimated to be around 4 million people, live and work around the commercial and administrational district with only 150 square kilometers. The city has more than four million cars, public and private, moving around the streets of the city.

The first thing that attracts the eye of the tourists, when he first visits Nairobi as part of his Kenya tour, is the traffic system of the city which was derived from the British who occupied Kenya for a long period of time.

Overall, Nairobi is a modern city while enjoying Kenya tours with a fast rhythm. However, the city has a character of its own with a mixture of diverse colors and cultures.

Being a tropical rainy city that is situated 1660 meters above sea lever, Nairobi has a moderate rainy weather most of the seasons of the year making the city the best destination for relaxing and resting being one of the top cities to be visited as part of the Kenya tour.

Nairobi offers magnificent safari trips to the open animal parks spread all over the suburbs of the city. Nairobi offers a fine level of services, facilities, hotels, transportation means, restaurants, and markets for the guests of the city coming from all over the world to a have a holiday in Kenya and Nairobi in particular which has become one of the most favorite touristic destinations in Africa welcoming hundreds of group tours to Kenya.

The city of Nairobi was created around the year 1889 merely as a station on the railway line that used to link Mombasa to the Indian Ocean of Kenya. This railway line had special importance at the time of the British occupation of Kenya and many other regions in Africa. Nairobi has grown rapidly in a few years from a railway services center into a political, economical, and touristic city in less than 100 years to become the capital of Kenya today and the most magnificent city of the country included in all custom tours to Kenya.

Despite the openness of Nairobi and the quest of the city to have all facilities of a modern life, Nairobi never misses its connections to the past and its rich heritage. This is why the city hosts a large number of centers to preserve and document the traditional dances, fashion, musical instruments, and handicrafts.
The cultural centers of Nairobi lead the production of these goods making them the finest gifts and souvenirs for the tourists visiting Nairobi when they travel to Kenya.Many Kenyan tribes have preserved the traditional style of living offering a chance for guests who travel to Kenya view some traditional cultures that are hardly found anywhere else in the world.

The traditional dances, outfits with its dazzling colors, ornaments, cosmetics, and the natural dyes that the dancers have on their bodies while dancing are considered to be among the most important touristic attractions of Nairobi, the city that offers a large variety of affordable tours.

Therefore, many dance groups can be viewed in many places in Nairobi like in public gardens, arenas, restaurants, and hotels. The most important tribe in Nairobi is the Massai with their tall bodies and their exotic dances.This explains why the photos of the sons of the Massai tribe are spread all over touristic posters and signage all over Nairobi.

The Kenyan government has recognized the importance of caring for the heritage of the tribe of Massai as a source of touristic attractions in Kenya.

A guest coming to Nairobi, as part of his Kenya travel package, should not miss the chance to visit the zoo located in the center of the city. This international standard zoo hosts a unique collection of tigers, lions, deer, monkeys, reptiles, and birds. Moreover, the tourists should not miss the chance to go on a safari trip to the forests and protected areas near Nairobi. The safari will be carried out in specially equipped and secured vehicles to enable the guests to view wild animals attacking their preys, birds landing safely on the back of elephants, and the eagles catching fish from the Nakuru Lake. There are more than 450 types of birds who live around the banks of the Nakuru Lake.

Safari trips may last for long hours as the guests sometimes would have to wait for hours to watch the lions and tigers coming out of their hideouts as these breeds of animals are more active at night and more calm and quite during the day. This is why it is always preferred to begin the safari trips at dawn time as this the moment when the animals are most active and energetic.

Among the most popular touristic restaurants in Nairobi, there is the Carnfour Restaurant which is located not far from the city center. The restaurant is famous for its meat dishes that include the meats of cows, sheep, deer, ostriches, turkeys, and even crocodiles. The waiter will come with the meat on a hot plate and he starts cutting the meat for the guest without stopping. This is because the traditions of the restaurant include that the waiter will go offering you with meat until you turn the dish upside down.

This is a glance at Nairobi that wakes up and sleeps under the sounds of tropical rains all year long. However, the green gardens and parks of the city are dried before noon due to its warm sun rays. The sky of the city is usually filled up with the smells of coffee, mangos, and pineapples.
Nairobi is a city that stays up until dawn on the rhythms of African music. Although most of the stores and markets close at sunset, many of the nightspots and touristic restaurants and pubs open until dawn.

Nairobi, the Capital of Kenya, is considered to be a large resort for nature and wildlife fans.

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