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Morocco Trips

Enjoying Morocco trips by visiting Tanghir, the largest oasis is the must do thing on Morocco tour. Tanghir is stretched over a surface area of around 30 squares Km long and a couple of km’s wide. Tanghir is featured with a dry weather with the temperature being very cold, reaching around 3 or 4 degrees in the winter, and extremely hot, more than 32 degrees, in the summer. Tanghir is located to South of Rabat, the Moroccan Capital, and 160 kilometers to the East of Ouarzazate. The oasis is situated at the foot of High Atlas Mountains. The Todgy River passes through the oasis of Tanghir and this river and its valley is considered to be one of the most important attractions of Tanghir and it is included in many Morocco travel tours

The history of Tanghir

History tells us that Tanghir was originally a minor oasis that the forebears used to cultivate palm trees and some other plantings that can grow in this hot environment, With years passing by, many other small oases were established sided by side forming the city of Tanghir in the middle.

Being near the High Atlas Mountains on a high cliff that is around 1300 meters above sea level, made Tanghir a marvelous place to watch snow transforming into water and then passing in the many waterways crossing the oasis.

The region of Tanghir was known and developed since the 8th century AD. Being located in the rout of the trading caravans coming from Marrakesh and Fes and going to Sijilmassa and many other regions, all of this qualified the oasis to be the major port of the Moroccan desert. Starting the 17th century, the Alaouite dynasty, which has ruled over Morocco for centuries, have started using the lands of Tanghir for agriculture.

The name Tanghir

Tanghir was called Todgy and there is an interesting tale around the naming of the oasis. The story says that a man, who used to live in the mountains, came to shop with his wife and her name was Todghy. While the man was busy with buying different products for their house, he lost track of his wife because of the market was extremely crowded. When the husband found out that his wife is not beside him he started calling for name: Todgy, Todgy and one of the foreigners heard him and thought the name of the place is Todgy.

The original name of the area however, according to the language of the native inhabitants belonging to the Berbers tribe of the Imazighen, is Tadget and it is the twist of the name Todart which means the land of life. This name is actually nearer to reality because Tanghir is an oasis in the middle of the desert. Another story says that the name goes back to the Eighir mountain and the name means the shoulder of the area.

Tanghir is featured with stunning natural scenes including the lofty mountains with astonishing waterways moving between them sculpting beautiful natural portraits. This is the factor that makes Tanghir the most popular destination for travelers coming from all over the world to enjoy their trips in Morocco.

For the tourists, there is nothing in the world to be compared to climbing the mountains in Tanghir and watch the sunset over the oasis.

Tanghir is a city that has an everlasting magic, the same as many other regions in Morocco being visited by hundreds of tourists as part of their vacations in Morocco.

The travelers visiting Tanghir enjoy the simplicity of the life there. They love spending the night in their sleeping bags in the straits of Todgy and drink the traditional Moroccan tea with the original inhabitants of the tribes who settle there since primitive times. Many travelers love to go on Morocco private tours to visit Tanghir and the region around it.

Although some facilities are not completely developed in Tanghir like some roads leading to touristic destinations, being visited daily by many travelers as part of their Morocco tours, the guests of the area enjoy every single detail of their trip to Tanghir.

All the tourists who visit Tanghir, as part of their Morocco trips, assert that it is a kingdom of quietness and calmness being a nirvana away from the noisy cities. Another tourist visiting Tanghir as part of his trip to Morocco says" the natural scenery and the cultural distinctiveness of the region encouraged me to urge my friends to have their holidays in Morocco.
An Italian tourist, who is visiting Tanghir as part of his Morocco private tour, stated that there is a magic in the oasis that one can never interpret in words, you just have to visit the region

Besides the natural beauty of the region reflected in the Todghy straits and the oasis itself, Tanghir hosts many historical structures, houses, and Kasbah, with some of them dating to the 17th century.

Tanghir hosts more than 3000 Moroccan tourists annually and more than 10,000 guests who travel to Morocco from all around the world to enjoy the spiritual calmness of the region.

Most of the inhabitants of Tanghir work mainly in tourism, as many travelers spending their holidays in Morocco, love to explore the calmness of the city as part of their trip. Many other people who live in Tanghir work in cultivating the lands that yields dates, crops, and many other fruits and vegetables. This is besides the silver mine located in the mountains to the South of the town and where many people work.

The tribal rules of Tanghir

The inhabitants of Tanghir are so attached to their lands and to their tribal rituals and rules, the same as many other oases in Morocco and the deserts of Africa in general. One legend that the older members of the tribes of Tanghir state is that one of the men belonging to the tribe wanted violate the rules of the tribe, and therefore, he was kidnapped by a fairy who transformed him into a palm tree to recognize the importance of the rules of the group or the tribe and how vital it is to abide by these laws.

Tanghir, being mainly composed of different tribes and oases, has its own rules and regulations that the new generations of the town has abided by, the same as their fathers and grandfathers. One of theses rules is that if a member of the tribe violates one of the norms, he has to pay a fine.

All the fines recorded throughout the week are announced on Friday after the prayers. The amounts of these fines are to be estimated according to the nature of the violation. Sometimes, the fine would consist of inviting a number of the men of the tribe for dinner, or do some public services for the rest of the inhabitants of the tribe.

The rules of the tribes do not only include fines and punishments. They include many joyful events an annual celebration takes place on the nights of the 14th and the 13th of January when each family brings a dish, that they cooked, and it has to contain seven different fruits and vegetables that were cultivated in the lands of Tanghir. This celebration of the land, as the members of the tribe prefer to call it, is to show off the biological variety of their cultivated lands.

Although, theatrically, Tanghir follows the modern rules of the Moroccan kingdom, the tribal councils still play a vital role in the struggles that occasionally take place between one tribe and the other.

In the beginning of any struggle between two tribal communities usually because pieces of lands or the right for irrigation, and before the maters burst into a war, a tribal council is held to state which party is the violator and states the punishment as well.

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