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Morocco Private Guided Tours

About private guided tours

Private guided tours are the best choice while traveling to a country for the first time. You and all the members of your group will be accompanied by the best experienced easy going travel guides with high education and top class English language and communication skills.

A tour guide is your best friend while you are on a vacation. A wise traveler always says" it is important where to travel to, its important where to stay while you are traveling, while its extremely important to choose the best tour guides best tour guides that a destination has to offer". This is why we offer you the most superlative tour guides and services.

The key word in Private guided tours is the word "privacy". You will have the privacy required for you and all your beloved people to spend a vacation of your dreams with a great feeling of privacy and coziness. Feel free to do what ever you want and explore every single element of the destination you are traveling to in your own style and pace. This will enable you to enjoy your vacation to the max and do all the activities you wish in the perfect setting.

Another important feature of Private guided tours is the flexibility that you would have in such a trip. The most fabulous characteristic of such tours is that you will combine between the advantages of having an organized tour and in the same time feel as if you are traveling on your own.

The guest will enjoy his privacy everywhere and doing all the activities. You will not have to share the vehicles with anyone else and you will not have to wait for others to show up and many other hustles that you are not in need of.

We pledge to offer you the best services, facilities, transportation means, and accommodation in the destination country. We grantee you will have a special trip with your friends and family that you will never forget.

About Morocco

Vacation in Morocco or the Kingdom of Morocco is a nation located in the northern west of Africa situated on the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Morocco shares its borders with Algeria to the East, Mauritania to the South and Spain to the North, passing by the Strait of Gibraltar.

The major cities in Morocco are Rabat, the capital, Casablanca, Fes, and Meknes. The country has a population that is estimated to be more than 35 million people. The official language of the country is the Arabic language and the most common religion is Islam with 98% of the whole population.

The word Morocco is a word derived from the Amazeeg language, the language of the tribes that were dominating Morocco in the past and it means the land of god.

The climate in Morocco like in the South, with the costal area having a nice moderate weather.

Vacation in Morocco has a long rich history that is highlighted by being occupied by the Romans in the 2nd century BC and then the Byzantine Empire in the 3rd century AD before being occupied by the Muslims in the 7th century AD.

Many royal Islamic royal families have ruled over Morocco in the coming centuries before being occupied by the French in early 20th century and then getting to be an independent state in 1956.

This rich history is reflected in the diversity of the monuments and cultures present in Morocco today.

Morocco succeeded in attracting millions of tourists over the past few years because of the beautiful nature of the country and the many monuments and cultures the tourists get present to when he goes there. There are many historical mosques, places, markets, and many other places of interest.

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