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Jemaa El Fna in Morocco

One of the most remarkable places to explore in the city of Marrakech in Morocco is Jemaa el Fna. This is one of the major touristic attractions in the city. This is where travelers who tour Morocco would view the dancing snakes, music performances, story tellers, and many other activities representing the heritage of the country.

In 2001, the UNESCO added Jemaa El Fna to its world heritage sites. However, in fact, the square was founded more than 1000 years ago with the establishment of the city of Marrakesh. Today, the square welcomes thousands of tourists who spend their vacations in Morocco.  

Other attractions in Marrakech include the famous Koutoubia Mosque. Established around the middle of the 12th century, the mosque is now one of the landmarks of the city. There is also the 16th century Saadins’ Tombs that are commonly visited by tourists who travel to Morocco.

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